I keep Pandora radio on pretty much all day anymore. In an effort to save money this year, we cancelled our dish service and instead are reveling in the glorious invention that is Netflix. Anyways, because I can’t function unless there’s music or noise of some sort going on, we use Pandora.

Yes, I am completely aware of the toddler and infant residing in this household.  They produce a lot of noise on their own. But y’all.  I need something more than screaming and whining. I know. I’m selfish. Don’t judge.

If you know anything about Pandora on the TV (and if you don’t I’m about to tell you), it has a sleep mode where the picture of the album floats around. After putting the little dude down for a nap, I come out to A repeatedly saying “baby! baby!” and pointing at the TV. Imagine my confusion at her claiming there’s a baby on the TV. It’s Pandora. Music. Right?

Thanks Nirvana album of 1991.

Crap. Parenting fail. Just realized we’ve been listening to rock bands from the early 90s for the past 2 hours. Rock bands with some questionable lyrics.

Before you call Child Protective Services on me, here’s the scene at our house this morning:

Toddler gets out crayons. Puts away crayons. Gets out blocks. Dumps blocks. Play doh. Plays with pink play doh for 34 seconds. Gets out crayons again. Dumps crayons. “Momma book?” Gets coloring book for toddler. Colors for approximately 21 seconds. With the white crayon. Who invented a white crayon anyhow? Playing dress up with Minnie Mouse robe. Screaming high pitched for no reason. Gets piggy bank out. Back to play doh. Now time to jump on the couch. Gets magnetic letters out. Back to crayons. Damn you white crayon. “Pee pee potty!” Supervision for the freshly potty trained tot. Crayons. Blocks. Piggy bank. Blocks. Play doh. Chasing dog. Dress up. Letters. Screaming.

And that’s just the one kid…..

Never ending. This all happened before 9am. We need Nirvana in our life right now. And I’m not talking that ‘zen’ feeling. Though that would be cool too.

So we had a bit of a parenting fail with the music selections this morning. But when you’re house becomes a pinball machine with a 45 lb toddler as the ball? Well, desperate times call for desperate measures.

Time for potty again. (4th time in the last 45 minutes)

At least I didn’t start drinking before breakfast today. I consider that a parenting win.

❤ Erin