My Sweet Boy

“Hi Prince!”

You’re close to 3 months old now. 12 weeks.  That seems unreal.  As the saying goes, “time flies”.

You came into the world quickly.  Not too quick that I couldn’t get my beloved epidural.  But you made your appearance in half the time it took your sister.  It’s showing more and more of your personality.  A takes her sweet time in life.  You, Prince, you’re like your Momma.  You want things to happen.  And you want them to happen yesterday.

You were immediately alert and ready to learn about the world.  You lifted your head within the first few MINUTES of your life.  And you looked right at me.  You were so focused as if to say, “Hey, I’m new here, but I know who you are.  You’re my momma.”

A has been such a great big sister.  You are so blessed.  I, as you will someday know and understand, am an only child.  That means I don’t have any brothers or sisters.  It doesn’t mean that I didn’t have a good childhood, but it does mean that I don’t understand the bond you and A have already at such a young age.  And, truly, it makes me a little jealous.  Mainly, because, as I said, you are blessed with a sister who will give you a lifetime of entertainment, protection, and probably sibling rivalry and battles, too.

You have another big sister, though she has 4 legs and a lot of hair.  Auty, too, has been so protective of you.  She was the same with A, but has taken on her role of “protector” all over again.  I think she realizes now with A that she doesn’t need to protect her anymore, rather SHE needs protected from the random flying objects, intermittent screaming and temper tantrums and excessive amounts of overly affectionate love.  Right now, she needs to protect you from A and her shenanigans.

Everyone says you look like me.  We all thought A looked like me, but now?  She still looks more like me than Daddy, but you, sweet boy.  You are definitely me.  

It would make sense that you’re so much like me.  You’re birthday isn’t even a week after mine.  6 days after my 28th birthday, you blessed us with your presence.

I call you ‘Prince’.  Daddy says I’m going to give you a complex.  Though, you smile every time I say it.  And your smile lights up my world.  I also call you ‘Prince’ because you’re quite opinionated about life and what you want.  You’ve mellowed slightly, but wow.  I’m not lying when I say that your daddy and I looked at each other during one of your screaming matches in the hospital, and said “think we can come back and get him in a few months?”  You were very vocal, to say it nicely.

Baby boy, already I know you will grow up.  And all too quickly.  Your sister is now 2 and that, too, seems unreal.  I’m going to do my best to raise you in the same way we are raising A.  To be respectful and honest.  To have a love of life and of people.  To have a love of GOD and shout it from the mountains.  We’re going to have disagreements, I’m sure, but you need to know that I will always love you, no matter what.  Someday, I hope that you and/or your sister will make me a grandma (though, let’s hold off on that for at least another 20 years, please).  There will be a time when you leave me and marry a fine young woman and I pray daily for that day that you find your soul mate.  You don’t know yet the need, the absolute necessity to have a good person by your side.

Your daddy is an amazing man.  It took him awhile to realize what being a dad looked like with A.  This time around, he has nailed it.  He has been such a helpful, kind, compassionate man.  He has let me cry on his shoulder when I have had too much. He cried when you were born too, by the way.  You are going to have a wonderful man to learn the ways of the world from.

So for now, prince, we’ll keep doing what we’re doing.  You’ll keep growing and learning from your sister.  I will keep pushing forward even on our hard days.  Because I know one day I will look back and wonder where you went.  Why you grew up too quickly.  And I will cherish this time.  Our time.

❤ Momma


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