Baby Girl, you’re TWO!

My little plum–

Today, you are TWO.  I have yet to have figured out how that happened.  Or why did it happen?  How is it that my incredible little 8 pound 22 inch newborn baby girl is a 2 year old?  How did you grow up so quickly?

I know, I KNOW.  You’re not quite at the ‘flying the coop’ age yet.  But you’ll see.  One day you will have your own children and each year, you will wonder the same puzzling thought.

These past 2 years have been exhausting to say the least.  We’ve had numerous therapies to help you along the way.  Your therapists (and daddy and I) are so SO proud of you.  That’s another emotion you won’t fully understand until you have your own children.  When I see how quickly you have been saying new words in the past several weeks, it makes my heart swell to a point that I just want to cry and scream it from the rooftops and hug you so tight and give you the world as a reward for all of your hard work.  I know it wouldn’t be healthy for me to throw you a party every time you say a new word, nor would it be financially possible at this point.  But it’s so hard not to want too.

We’ve waited so long for you to talk.  And momma, especially, has spent countless hours sitting on the floor with you and ‘coaching’ you.  I couldn’t help but be frustrated for the past 12 months when you wouldn’t ever repeat me.  But you’re so smart.  You are saying 2-3 new words each day now.  Some things we haven’t even talked about for months.  But you remember!  You’re using big girl words and signing so many things now.  We can FINALLY communicate with each other.

And I can’t help but sit here and cry tears of joy that you are finally getting it.

We have another exciting thing coming up soon.  You’re going to be a big sister.  I don’t think you really understand that yet.  But you play with your big canine “sister” so gently.  Your baby doll that we got you for Christmas is your favorite toy.  You give her kisses.  You give her baths.  She gets daily walks in her stroller.  You feed her in her high chair.  You take care of her and love on her so well.  I just know you are going to be a wonderful, loving, caring, and protective big sister.

It’s going to be hard for a little bit when your baby brother comes home.  You may not understand right away why momma can’t always play with you all the time.  I hope you can understand that it is impossible for me not to love as much as I do now.  It might be hard for momma some days too, and I don’t want you to ever think it’s your fault.  You are such a big help to momma right now and your brother is going to have a wonderful big sister to look up to and learn from.

Some days I just look at you and smile.  I watch you play and I want to know what you’re thinking.  Having you has taught me to look at the world differently.  To look at it objectively.

You look at lot like me.  But so many times you make an expression and I see your great grandma.  She passed away 6 years ago now, but your attitude towards life and your eyes definitely came from her.  Momma’s hormones are a little crazy right now because of pregnancy, but those days I just look at you and cry?  They’re good tears.  Sometimes grown ups cry happy tears too.  And your great grandma was one of momma’s favorite people.  So I guess maybe momma is a little sad that Grandma couldn’t meet you, but it also makes me happy to know that her legacy is living on through you.

I didn’t think it was possible, but somehow, I love you more now than I did a year ago, even 2 years ago.  No one tells you about these ‘big feelings’ when you become a mom.  But I guess, it’s kind of hard to explain anyhow, and you don’t really get it until you’re there.

I’m so thankful that God sent you to us.  Sometimes I think He’s crazy for letting Daddy and I be parents.  We’re still figuring it out.  But wow.  What an incredible gift He gave to us.

I love you baby girl.  Or, as you say now “Love OOOOO!”

❤ Momma


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