A’s Special Tree

A few years ago I saw an idea.  A family had a tree in their front yard, and every year they took a picture with each of their kids in front of that tree on their first day of school.  I always said, “we’re going to do that, we’re going to have THAT tree”.

Trees are kind of a thing for us.  Our wedding motif was a tree.  I had a stamp I used on each wedding invitation, on each program, on each thank you note, response card, etc.  I told my then fiancé’ that the symbol of the tree was going to be our thing.  Of course, he just nodded and said ‘yes, dear’.  He’s so willing to let me take the reigns.

See, a lot of people use trees to describe their family.  They use them as family trees.  The branches indicate each generation before them.  It shows who all has come before them.

But I’ve never understood that.  Why would I be pushed down to the ground and have no where else to go?  Get married.  But don’t have kids.  Because then your family tree won’t look right.

For me, I decided we were going to have a tree that WE built the roots of.  When we got married, we were starting our new life.  Starting a new chapter.  Setting down OUR roots.  So, it felt appropriate to me that we were the roots and any subsequent generations can only go up from there.

We got THAT tree last spring.  Before A’s first birthday, we planted a flowering cherry in our front yard for her.  We affectionately call it “A’s Tree”.  Each year, we will take a picture with her by her tree on her birthday.  This year will be her second picture that we can add to her ‘tree book’.  That tree didn’t grow too much in the past year.  But we got a special surprise this spring.

C stayed home with A this past Sunday while I went and got some errands done on my own for once.  He texted at some point while I was gone.

“Did you see A’s tree has blooms on it?  It should have flowers on for her birthday next week”

Those blooms, on that tiny tree?  They’re symbolic to me.  They’re the start of a new year.  A is going to be two.  We’re starting a new phase.  Some might drive by and say, “Oh that’s just a tree”.  But it’s not.  It’s A’s Tree.  And it will just keep on growing and blooming, just like she is.

❤ Erin


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