One Decade

One decade.  Ten years.  A tenth of a century.

At 27 (soon to be 28), that’s over a third of my life.

And the other day while driving home from the grocery store, I realized that this fall will be 10 years that C and I have been together.  And it’s been a wild ride!

A lot can happen in 10 years.  Especially when you’ve just entered into adulthood.  We were both young; I was 18, he was 21.  We were still ‘wet behind the ears’.  We still had so much to learn.  But we learned it together.  And the best way to learn is with your best friend, your partner and soulmate.

In 10 years I started and completed nursing school.  With my biggest support person ever.  I have put 2 wonderful pets to sleep.  With a compassionate man by my side to help me through the hurt and loss.  I’ve moved FOUR times.  With his manpower and truck to help.  We’ve had a total of 6 vehicles between the 2 of us.  Four have since moved on.  We bought a house together.  And together we put a lot of blood, sweat and tears into this place in the past 6 years.  We’ve gone on several vacations, 2 separate missions trips.  We’ve lost some friends through life changes and gained some new ones.

We’ve been through the deaths of two grandmothers, one for each of us.  And the death of a very near and dear and close friend.  Together we have witnessed and experienced the fear, pain and grief of losing someone.  And we’ve supported each other in our hardest, saddest times.

We were engaged, and 14 months later, married.  We traveled for the first time out of the country together on our honeymoon.  And boy, what a story I could tell about our first adventure with THAT!

We had our first child, a daughter.  And we’re expecting our second, a son, in just 3 short months.  Together, we’ve experienced the miracle of birth and the blessing that God has given us to be parents.

To say it was easy is a pungent lie.  It’s not been easy.  It’s been downright hard.  And painful.  But that’s what happens when you grow up together.  We learned about each other and how to treat one another.  We’ve learned to love and also respect each other.  We’ve learned how to fight with each other.  We know what makes each other tick, and what calms each other down.  We learned how to live together, to help each other.  We have inside jokes and stories that no one else knows.  We’ve learned how to be adults, and now parents.  Though, I don’t know if we truly know how to be adults and parents yet!

There’s so many more life events to list.  But the point is this: no one ever said any relationship is easy.  Marriages fail for various reasons.

But when you find that right person, it makes it worth it to stick through the hard times, to fight for each other.

I love you most-ester, C

❤ E