Have you ever kind of sat back and looked at a situation in your life and thought (to quote Alanis Morisette) “Isn’t it ironic?”

I don’t eat meat.  I guess I never really have.  Don’t hate on me.  It’s just something I don’t really like.

My dad was a hunter.  I married a hunter.  I have friends (including girls) that hunt.  I, myself, have a bow, for archery.  Though I’ve never officially hunted and shot an animal on my own, I have no problems with it.  As a child, my dad hung his deer on my swing set to butcher.  All the while, I’d be playing in the sandbox.  Right beside him.  And his dead deer.  It didn’t bother me.

Fast forward about 10 years, we’re in nursing school, and we have to dissect a baby pig.  I can’t tell you how many people in my class gagged, threw up, cried, etc.  Not me.  Call me morbid, but I thought it was kind of interesting.  I guess that’s why I became a nurse.

A couple years later I married my husband.  A hunter.  We have our barn set up so that he and any friends or family that harvest deer, can come and butcher in our barn.  It’s a team effort.  Often, I’m right there beside them, especially if it’s after A has gone to bed.  I’m the ‘clean hands’.  The one who goes to get drinks and snacks, hands out paper towels, controls the soap dispensing, etc.  I’m the gopher.

I’m sure it’s kind of odd to some that I don’t eat meat.  I can’t really explain it.  I just don’t.

I should probably just give up and commit to vegetarianism by now.  It might be easier to explain.

I’ve been reading a book, Eating Right 4 Your Type.  It chronicles how different blood types came to be, how we as humans have evolved.  And, subsequently, we’ve formed these 4 different blood types, because of our ancestors.  When I read the section about my blood type, it hit the nail on the head.  My particular blood type doesn’t digest meat proteins as well as plant proteins.  It’s sort of a ‘poison’ in our body if you will.

DING DING DING!  We have a winner!

Again, I haven’t officially committed to it yet, it’s kind of hard to say you’re a vegetarian when you are surrounded by hunters.  Maybe that’s what has held me back.  Too often I hear people hounding vegetarians for being ‘tree huggers’.  Then, too, maybe it is easier to just give the long version of the story, rather than just saying I’m a vegetarian.

❤ Erin


One thought on “Vegetarian?

  1. I was just reading a friend’s blog post about paradoxes. This seems to fit. I like paradoxes. I like the fact that you can be yourself in the community of meat eaters. For ethical reasons, I’ve not eaten “red” meat in almost 40 years but still struggle with fish and chicken. One thing I can appreciate about your hunting family members is that animals who lived in the wild and were killed quickly live much better lives, with less suffering, than those on factory farms where most meat comes from.

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