Why do you write?

I write because it’s my release.  We all have special interests.  Whether it be in cars, collecting magazines, baking bread or running marathons, we’re each drawn to something.  I can do many things, I dabble a lot.  Up and until now, I’ve thought that knitting was my only thing.  Consciously and honestly I will tell you, I am a pro at it.  At this point, when I go to a class, more than half the time I am helping the instructor out of a bind.

I could tell you I’m good at writing, but I’m not confident enough to admit that yet.  Truthfully, it’s something I merely stumbled upon in recent years.  Others who know me would tell you I’ve “mastered the art of putting thoughts on paper”, but I’m still finding my way.  Either way, it’s my release after a long day, after something stressful, after something joyous, in anticipation of something new.  It’s a way that I can release my emotions to the world (without talking).

I write because I can.  Speech eludes me.  When I was created, I was not given the rite to oral communication.  If I had been asked point blank on the street “Why do you write?”, my answer would have gone something like this: “I, well, you know, I mean, I guess, well, it’s just something, like, maybe it’s something that I guess I’m good at?”  But to have a pen and paper or my quick tapping away on a keyboard, comes easily.  Naturally even.  I can write and get my point across.  Just don’t ask me to talk about it.

I write because it’s a gift.   I can’t pinpoint a specific time that writing came easily for me.  I’m not saying it’s hard for me, it’s just that it’s always been easy for me.  Only recently have I stumbled upon the realization that this is one of my gifts.  And truly, it took many others slapping me across the face for me to look down and see what was put in front of me.   I’m humbled by this gift God has laid on me, and I don’t like to brag about any of my strengths.  Though, I think He is sitting up there in Heaven smiling down on me saying “FINALLY child, you’ve realized the gift I’ve given you.  Use it.”  He’s not yet given me a sense of direction to where writing will take me.  But in time, He will.  He always does.

I write because it makes others feel good.  We recently lost a close friend to a long battle with brain cancer.  I wrote a post the night he died.  The words just flowed that night.  I barely edited it, it just came out of my fingers onto the screen.  I posted it because of my emotion at the time.  I didn’t realize how far it reached.  People at his funeral came up to me asking if I was the one who wrote the blog post for Jared.  With tears in their eyes, one by one, people told me how it touched them; how much of a tribute and testament it was to Jared.  Though it still hurts that he’s gone, I was able to put into words what so many others were feeling and needing to get out.  Together we grieved, we rejoiced in the time we had with him, and we happily remembered the person he was.

❤ Erin


I’m starting down a new path, few of you know the actual path itself, but this is part of a writing prompt in walking that direction.  Please pray for me if you feel compelled to do so.  If you have any input, please provide it in the comments, if you have negative commentary on this or any of the following posts, please edit it yourself.  Constructive criticism will help me get far.  Meanness and judging will not help, and those comments will not be approved.


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