Complete Strangers

On the way home from ikea Baltimore today, I witnessed nothing short of God’s gentle hand on 83N.

A car in front of me, somehow lost control, spun a complete 180 on the road, spun again and then slid off to the grassy median.

I stopped to check on the driver.  I was shaking the whole way, thinking “Ok, adrenaline, please PLEASE help me get through this”, while simultaneously praying that God had kept this driver ok, and there was no major damage.

Thankfully, God answered back, a young girl got out of her car and started walking towards myself, another girl who had stopped and an off duty police officer as we were walking to check on her.

It was a total freak incident, she said she felt her car start slipping, and tried to slow down, and in doing so, locked up her brakes.

She was young, maybe college aged.  And visibly shaken up.  All I could think was, when I was her age, what would have comforted me?  I asked her if she needed a hug.  She quickly nodded and started crying.

A complete stranger.

I gave her my phone number, though we were still 100 miles from home, and told her to call if she had needed anything, if even she needed someone to talk to her insurance company to give a testament to what I saw.

This evening she texted me and said ‘thank you so much for stopping to check on me. the hug really helped!  i made it home safely and was able to drive my car home too.’

A complete stranger.  I don’t even know her name.  Just a simple text.  Though all of this makes me feel good, that I was able to help someone, I also can’t help but think, God had a hand in all of this.

There could have been other cars around her.  I could have been just 100 feet closer and not been able to slow down in time.  There could’ve been a tractor trailer beside her that she could have slid under.  Her car could have flipped.  If it had happened just a 1/4 mile further down the road, she would’ve slid into the center divider, bounced back and been in the line of coming traffic.

In other words, this could’ve been SO much worse, I could have had to be trying to perform CPR on a young unconscious girl, instead of simply offering a hug.  I could’ve run into her myself, putting both my mom and I and my 18 month old daughter in the mix of the wounded.

God is so good.  He kept ALL of us safe, albeit, gave us a major rush of adrenaline.  I texted her back and said I had been praying for her the whole way home, and that I was so glad she was ok.

She texted back that she too had prayed a lot this afternoon, thanking God for his saving grace and his peaceful hand upon us.

Complete strangers.  Walking a path with Jesus, whose paths just happened to be collided today in an unlikely way.

❤ Erin


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