Dunkin Donuts… go away

This morning, on the way back from some errands, A and I swung through the drive through at Dunkin Donuts.  Since having A, I haven’t been able to do that very often.  Good grief.  Things have changed there.

I will admit, typically I am more partial to a local from-the-ground-up coffee house.  But sometimes, when you have a toddler with you, it’s just easier to hit the drive thru.  That being said, I don’t necessarily prefer Dunkin Donuts.

First of all, you order outside in a speaker.  I’m fine with that.  It’s a drive thru after all.  But when I order, and I can’t even understand the man (who’s Indian, middle eastern, whatever), that’s a problem.  I had a coupon from my KidStuff book for a 99 cent latte.  It had to be either a hot 10oz, or a cold 16oz.  I opted for the cold, caramel flavored, please.  I honestly had to ask the man to repeat himself 3 times.  He probably spit in my drink.  Doesn’t really matter…. read on.

Finally, I understood that he wanted me to pull up.  Ok…. fine.  I was going to order a muffin as well.  But I already can’t understand what you’re saying, so I’d rather not sit here for another 5 minutes trying to spell out what a muffin is to you.  Though, frankly, he probably wouldn’t have cared what kind of muffin I wanted, he would’ve decided for me.  And instead I would’ve ended up with a coconut donut.

Why are you working at, and probably MANAGING, a Dunkin Donuts anyhow, if you can’t understand English?

Pulled up to the window, gave the (American) boy my coupon.  He is having trouble scanning it, because instead of what I ordered, they gave me a HUGE iced coffee.  When I explained, that I indeed did not order that, he turned to talk to the Indian (manager, I presume).  I couldn’t hear what was being said. But was watching what was going on.  Instead of accepting and owning up to a mistake, my originally prepared LARGE drink was dumped into a smaller cup.  The rest, I’m sure, was going to be given to someone else.  Cheap.

Driving away, I take a sip of my smaller drink.  Doesn’t taste ANYTHING like caramel.  Matter of fact, I’m sure caramel wasn’t even thought about.  Ignore the customers request.  Because that will save us money.  It tasted so horrible, that I took half a sip and gave up.  I don’t litter, but I was tempted to throw it out the window.

My mouth literally tasted disgusting.  Of course, this is the one time I don’t have gum in the car to “wash out” the bitter, burnt coffee bean flavor.

Sometimes, people have bad days.  Mistakes are made.  I get that.  But this is not the first time I’ve had this experience.  And not just all at the same store.  I can think of at least 3 other stores in our area that I have been to in the last year that have left a bitter taste in my mouth (literally and figuratively).  Dunkin Donuts lost a customer for good today.  I’ll be reaching out to the company to express my frustrations.  If I was a business owner, I would want to know WHY I am losing a customer anyhow.  But, we’ll see.  The company, has likely been taken over by an Indian.  Who, ultimately has no respect for America, for American people, or our American culture.

Side note: Please know I am NOT prejudice.  I have met many people from different backgrounds, different ethnicities.  And have befriended a lot of them.  I don’t seclude myself to those from my own background.  But unfortunately, I have not yet met a single Indian that I have gotten along with.  I’m sure there are some well-meaning individuals out there with an Indian background, and I praise you for accepting our culture.  And please, by all means, come live here, help us prosper, and we will help you as well.  But, not if you are going to come over here with your nose held high, disrespecting all of us and thinking you are better and we should look up to you.  We were here first.  We built this country on good morals, treating others decently, and helping each other, speaking ENGLISH.  If you can’t accept that, then get the HELL out and go back to where you came from.

<end rant>

❤ Erin


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