Time for Fall

I can’t say as though I like fall.  Actually, I kind of despise cold weather.  So anything that causes cold weather is just so insanely shocking to my system.

Our area is in a bit of a cold freeze lately.  It’s like November came overnight.  Literally it was gorgeous one day, and then BAM.  All of a sudden it’s 46 when I wake up in the morning.  And let me tell you.  That SUCKS when you had all the windows open overnight.

Truth be told, I enjoy fall decorations.  That’s probably my favorite season to decorate for.

I like pumpkin spice anything.  Coffee, ice cream, pumpkin pie.  And apple.  Apple crisp.  Apple scented candles.  Apple cider.  All tastes of fall.

But, if, by chance I could move somewhere that we had the cold fall weather for about a week and that’s it?  Sign me up.

Then theres the issue of winter coming after fall….

I haven’t quite figured out how that’s going to work yet….

❤ Erin


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