There’s been a lot of tragic things happening again recently.  A part of me can accept them, because I know its God’s plan.  Babies are born, people die.  Circle of Life.  Blah.  Blah.  Blah.

A big part of me is angered though.

A distant friend (more like a friend of a friend of a friend) just lost their baby girl.  She was waiting for a heart transplant.

A good friend is STILL battling brain cancer, and going for yet another serious brain surgery again tomorrow morning.

One of my best friend’s is grieving with her daughter, on the loss of her daughter’s best friend.  Drunk driving car accident (the drunk driver was driving on a suspended license, with a history of TWO DUI’s).

My heart aches for these people, these families.  And my heart is angry with God.


What lesson are You trying to teach in taking a baby girl home to heaven?  Why would You strike a remarkable young man with a terrible form of cancer?  What could possibly be learned from the tragic death of a shining teenage girl, with a bright and promising future ahead of her?

My heart and my head struggle with this.  If our God is good, why would he cause us so much pain and sorrow?  He has a plan, I know.  Deep down, I know.  But it doesn’t make it any easier.

❤ Erin



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