Garden of Weedin’

I garden.

Just something we always did when I was a kid, and when C and I bought our first house, within a year we had started our own garden.

So I know we need the rain.  It’s all sort of part of the growing process.  Rain makes things grow.

Unfortunately….. it makes weeds grow too.

This is one of those times that I wonder, what was He thinking when He decided that weeds would be a good idea to create?

Because I’ll tell ya what.  I JUST weeded my vegetable garden on Saturday.  It was beautiful.  Just my sweet little strawberries and carrots and onions growing in a row (and a few others…).  Now?  After a quick ‘walk-by’ this morning it’s chock full of weeds again.


Oh it’s so infuriating!  I have such a love-hate relationship with this garden.

So guess what nap time means for me today?

❤ Erin


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