A Review

I normally don’t get too fired up about things.  But when I do, you darn well better bet I am going to spew my mouth about it.

A dear friend recently went through surgery.  Unfortunately she lives 1500 miles away, and I couldn’t go visit her or bring her dinner.  Or even just BE there for her.

So, I ordered flowers.

Or so I thought…..

The company I ordered from was called Ava’s Flowers.  Apparently they are based in New York, NY.  Not the impression I got.  As I did a generic search of flower shops in her hometown and they were the first to pop up.  Either way.  I ordered flowers to be delivered on a Saturday (I knew she was coming home Saturday AM).  If you’ve ever ordered flowers before, you know you pay more for flowers to be delivered during the weekend.  By Tuesday I still hadn’t heard anything from my friend.  Which was odd to me.  Since she and I had been texting back and forth through the last several days.  I know her well enough to know she would have sent me a picture and a ‘thank you’ immediately after she got them.

When I called customer service on Tuesday night (around 8pm), they said that they were sorry for the inconvenience and that the flowers were sitting on a truck to be delivered tomorrow (Wednesday).


How long have they been sitting on that truck?  “Well, ma’am.  I don’t have that information.”  So…there’s a possibility they have been sitting on a truck for over 4 days now?  “Well, I guess, but it would be a refrigerated truck.”  That doesn’t make a hill-beans difference, if they were to be delivered on Saturday, can you tell me why it is now 4 days later and they still haven’t been delivered?  “No, I can’t help you with that, but I’d like to make it right for you.  I’ll be emailing a coupon for 20% of your next order from us”

Now, tell me.  Why would I want to order MORE flowers if the ones I already ordered STILL hadn’t been delivered?

“Well, then what I can do for you is give you back a $10 credit (on the online flower shop’s account, meaning I wouldn’t actually even GET $10 back), and we will upgrade the bouquet.”  But, you said the bouquet is sitting on a truck.  For something like that, what am I looking at?  A delivery next Tuesday?  No thank you.  I’d like a refund.

We argued back and forth for a good 15 minutes.  Finally, at this point I am being absolutely belligerent, because I was so upset at the whole situation.  I think she finally understood my point when I started slewing cuss words at her.  At some point I said to her too: “I understand that you’re not the owner of this particular flower shop, as it seems this is a chain company.  Either way, I would put it to you this way, and you can take this to upper management: If your birthday came around, and your best friend (seemingly) completely forgot about it, and you got flowers delivered 5 DAYS later.  How would you feel?  Probably a little hurt because she forgot, huh?  Yeah, well, what do you think my friend who lives 1500 miles away thinks right now?”


Since then I have posted numerous reviews on the company detailing my experience so that others hopefully will research before they purchase from this company.  I would suggest strongly that you don’t trust this company with your money.  But I would also suggest you research a company before making a purchase, any purchase.  That’s something I am normally religious about, but this time wasn’t.  And I definitely learned my lesson on this one.

❤ Erin


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