Wanna read a book with me?

God’s been working in some pretty crazy ways in my life recently.  I won’t get into detail, because really, I don’t think it would be much too interesting to anyone else, other than myself.

Recently I posted on Facebook a pretty controversial topic that I recently blogged about.  Long story short, there was some backlash.  Some people commented outwardly on Facebook of their views.  Which is totally fine, and I am definitely open to hearing opinions of others.  I think we, as Christians, need to strike a chord with each other every once in awhile.  I think we need to debate things, mainly to help educate ourselves.  To learn more, about our God, about ourselves.  To decide the best way to handle controversial topics.

There were MANY people who reached out to me in a more private way, commending me on my writing, on my ability to bring something to light and to take the heat of it.  And although, that truly is not what I was looking for in any of this, I was enlightened, to know that I am not the only one questioning if we are REALLY truly practicing what we preach.

We went to church this past weekend.  And it was one of those messages that hits you, smack upside the face.  One that strikes a chord (a good one).  One that you can tell God was directing towards you, when the goosebumps start crawling up your arms….

Confession: we have been terrible about going to church since A was born.  We’re getting better, but this was the first we had gone since Easter.  So, know that we had no clue what was going on at church, sermon series-wise.

The main focus was on Acts, and how we should be more BOLD about our religion.  Basically bring it up, don’t be afraid to have people a little peeved at you, practice what you preach, even when others may not want to hear it.

A verse that was referenced was Acts 4:13:

The members of the council were amazed when they saw the boldness of Peter and John, for they could see that they were ordinary men with no special training in the Scriptures.  They also recognized them as men who had been with Jesus.

I strongly feel like God was trying to tell me something.  Maybe I don’t always go about bringing things up the right way.  I know there were certain people (friends and family) that were likely rolling their eyes at me and saying “Here she goes again”.  But I think this is written proof that I need to stand up for things that I know to be true.

I would like to clarify from my previous post that I don’t necessarily think the Bible is completely backwards.  But I do like to add in that for me, personally, since my Bible knowledge is so limited, I fall back to the basics.  When something gets a little complicated, I revert back (which, ya’ll can admit, it is hard trying to figure out what God wants us to get out of scripture sometimes).  I go to the basics that I know, and try to go forward from there.  Which, to me anyhow, sounds like thats sort of what Peter and John are doing.

I love love LOVED the message last weekend, and it gives me hope that we can all stand up and share, even if we have limited knowledge.  We need to bring the Word to those who, we may not feel comfortable bringing it to.  We need to stand up to fellow Christians too, and challenge each other to practice what we are preaching.  I know this isn’t very comfortable for many people.  In my life, I’ve been through enough judgement, that really, at this point I don’t care too much what others think of me anymore.  I can only say that I care what God thinks.  I love my husband, but in the end, it doesn’t matter if he thinks I was a good enough Christian or not.  I love my friends and my family, but the same thing goes for ya’ll.

In the end, there is no physical being that I have to answer to.  But I know a guy, his names Jesus.  His dad?  God?  He’s pretty cool too.   They’re friends of mine.  Seriously, if I could text them?  Well….  I don’t know if C would love me so much after seeing the phone bill, because I talk to these guys ALL. DAY. LONG.  If you haven’t met them yet, I would love to introduce you.  Just ask.  They’re friends who I LIVE for.  Their opinion matters to me.  I don’t understand their book very well yet.  But I get the general story line of it.  Maybe we can read it together?

❤ Erin


Garden of Weedin’

I garden.

Just something we always did when I was a kid, and when C and I bought our first house, within a year we had started our own garden.

So I know we need the rain.  It’s all sort of part of the growing process.  Rain makes things grow.

Unfortunately….. it makes weeds grow too.

This is one of those times that I wonder, what was He thinking when He decided that weeds would be a good idea to create?

Because I’ll tell ya what.  I JUST weeded my vegetable garden on Saturday.  It was beautiful.  Just my sweet little strawberries and carrots and onions growing in a row (and a few others…).  Now?  After a quick ‘walk-by’ this morning it’s chock full of weeds again.


Oh it’s so infuriating!  I have such a love-hate relationship with this garden.

So guess what nap time means for me today?

❤ Erin

A Review

I normally don’t get too fired up about things.  But when I do, you darn well better bet I am going to spew my mouth about it.

A dear friend recently went through surgery.  Unfortunately she lives 1500 miles away, and I couldn’t go visit her or bring her dinner.  Or even just BE there for her.

So, I ordered flowers.

Or so I thought…..

The company I ordered from was called Ava’s Flowers.  Apparently they are based in New York, NY.  Not the impression I got.  As I did a generic search of flower shops in her hometown and they were the first to pop up.  Either way.  I ordered flowers to be delivered on a Saturday (I knew she was coming home Saturday AM).  If you’ve ever ordered flowers before, you know you pay more for flowers to be delivered during the weekend.  By Tuesday I still hadn’t heard anything from my friend.  Which was odd to me.  Since she and I had been texting back and forth through the last several days.  I know her well enough to know she would have sent me a picture and a ‘thank you’ immediately after she got them.

When I called customer service on Tuesday night (around 8pm), they said that they were sorry for the inconvenience and that the flowers were sitting on a truck to be delivered tomorrow (Wednesday).


How long have they been sitting on that truck?  “Well, ma’am.  I don’t have that information.”  So…there’s a possibility they have been sitting on a truck for over 4 days now?  “Well, I guess, but it would be a refrigerated truck.”  That doesn’t make a hill-beans difference, if they were to be delivered on Saturday, can you tell me why it is now 4 days later and they still haven’t been delivered?  “No, I can’t help you with that, but I’d like to make it right for you.  I’ll be emailing a coupon for 20% of your next order from us”

Now, tell me.  Why would I want to order MORE flowers if the ones I already ordered STILL hadn’t been delivered?

“Well, then what I can do for you is give you back a $10 credit (on the online flower shop’s account, meaning I wouldn’t actually even GET $10 back), and we will upgrade the bouquet.”  But, you said the bouquet is sitting on a truck.  For something like that, what am I looking at?  A delivery next Tuesday?  No thank you.  I’d like a refund.

We argued back and forth for a good 15 minutes.  Finally, at this point I am being absolutely belligerent, because I was so upset at the whole situation.  I think she finally understood my point when I started slewing cuss words at her.  At some point I said to her too: “I understand that you’re not the owner of this particular flower shop, as it seems this is a chain company.  Either way, I would put it to you this way, and you can take this to upper management: If your birthday came around, and your best friend (seemingly) completely forgot about it, and you got flowers delivered 5 DAYS later.  How would you feel?  Probably a little hurt because she forgot, huh?  Yeah, well, what do you think my friend who lives 1500 miles away thinks right now?”


Since then I have posted numerous reviews on the company detailing my experience so that others hopefully will research before they purchase from this company.  I would suggest strongly that you don’t trust this company with your money.  But I would also suggest you research a company before making a purchase, any purchase.  That’s something I am normally religious about, but this time wasn’t.  And I definitely learned my lesson on this one.

❤ Erin