A Christian’s view on Gay Rights

I know, some of you are probably already fired up by that title.  But I’d like to forewarn you, this is not what you think.  So before ya’ll get pissy with me, read on.

I’ll start by saying this: I was raised in a Christian home.  But we didn’t go to church.  Some left-wing Christians are probably cringing already…  My parents were of an opinion that the churches they were going to as young adults were just not the right fit for them.  Mainly, because the churches they were going to were very opinionated.  Very much so turning into country clubs.  If you didn’t wear a new outfit every week to church, you weren’t considered a good Christian.  Whatever happened to ‘come as you are’?

But alas, I was raised in a Christian home.  We prayed before dinner.  We prayed before bed.  We prayed when we felt like it.  I was taught the ten commandments.  I was taught basic principles on how to treat others and ironically all of that was pretty congruent with the basics of Christianity.

I don’t consider myself perfect.  I KNOW I make mistakes, sometimes many a day.  I don’t claim to know anything big about the Bible (I only recently learned that I am supposed to capitalize the ‘B’ in Bible.)  I know some of the more basic stories: Adam and Eve, Jesus’s birth and crucifixion.  But that’s pretty much it on what I could tell from memory.

But I do know, one of the main things I try to practice everyday is: “Do not judge”.  I don’t know the whole verse, but it’s something along the lines of we as humans are not supposed to judge, that’s God’s job.  Hey, I’m down with that, one less thing I have to do on a regular basis.

So when it comes to everything going on lately with gay marriages (our state just recently passed a law ok-ing gay marriage), I don’t think I should have an opinion on it.  But I do.  In an opposite way.

My opinion is this: Why are we, AS CHRISTIANS, getting involved?!?!?!

I think as a Christian, following that basic principle, I don’t think it’s any of my damn business who wants to marry who.  True, I am happily married to a man (and I am a woman).  It’s not for me, because I love my husband.  But I’m basically told not to worry about it (Thou shalt not judge).  So I don’t.

Has anyone out there ever learned a second language?  Even if you did in high school?  I think one of the main things that struck me as odd was that when learning a second language, words get so jumbled sometimes.  Take “I love you” for example.  In Spanish, it is said ‘te amo’.  Which, quite literally, if you break down the words, ‘te’ means you, and ‘amo’ means owner.  ‘You owner’?  WTF?  Who got ‘I love you’ out of ‘You owner’?

With that I would challenge anyone who wants to argue that there is a verse or story or whatever in the Bible that says gays are bad.  How many times has the Bible been translated exactly?  And in how many different languages?  Maybe we have it all wrong.  Maybe we are all screwing up big time.

It’s so upsetting to me to see Christians storming the capital because of all of these recent laws being passed.  What kind of a message are we sending to others that aren’t Christians?  If I wasn’t, I think I would be scared to death to even THINK of attending a church service.  When an example such as this is being put in front of me, why would I consider opening myself up to this kind of very evil judgement.  How would I know what to wear?  “Maybe they don’t like black, so maybe I should wear a flowered dress instead.  But maybe….  maybe that would be too bright?  I could wear white?  But, that might not be right either.  What if I just go naked?”  We all know how THAT would go over….

PLEASE fellow Christians, stop!  You will give yourselves a lot less headaches if you just let it go.  Know that it isn’t for us to decide what is right and wrong.  And know that the Bible may just be a little flawed, because of translations.  Be kind to one another.  That’s all that’s really important.  If I’ve offended anyone by anything I’ve said, then good.  Because if this offends you, I’m not sure you could consider yourself a true Christian.  Maybe you’re not a Christian, if it offends you I would say you’re a mean person.  And those are the kind of people I do not want my daughter growing up around.  So, go away.

❤ Erin


4 thoughts on “A Christian’s view on Gay Rights

  1. I agree a bit. I don’t think we can say the Bible is flawed. I agree its not our place to judge but it is our place to obey. A very serious sin is sexual immorality. Being gay, having affairs, and lusting are all sin. Its a Christians place to warn others of sin and bring them to Jesus in repentance. Jesus loves everyone and so should we. Love thy neighbor including gays. Bring all sinners to Jesus and let them hear the guidance that comes from the Bible. We can’t pinpoint sin on gay’s because were all sinners and we all need Jesus and to trust and obey him. The world’s full of hate. We can change that if we have Jesus on our side and start caring for others instead of judging them.

    • Yes, you definitely get my drift. I don’t necessarily think the Bible is ‘flawed’ completely. I guess my thought is more or less that everyone can perceive things differently. But you’re right. At the core, we need to care for others.

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