OBX Packing List-BEACH

Here’s the FUN part!  Packing for the beach!

I compiled this list to also include things that you might want at your house as well.  Maybe there is a day that the surf is terrible and you don’t want your kids in it.  Maybe the kids are asleep and you want to hang out in your pool and/or hot tub.  BTW I HIGHLY recommend a place with a pool if you have little kids, especially little kids who have not yet been to the beach.  You never know how they will react to the sand, the wind, the crashing of the waves.  Some kids will get a kick out of it, but then there might be others who freak out and won’t let you put them down in the sand.  That will make for a very long week if you are not prepared.  You never know how a kid is going to react to something new, so be prepared.

We have a HUGE beach bag that I got years ago from LLBean.  And although we rarely use it any other time of the year, that sucker is a Godsend at the beach.  It is the biggest you can get and we can throw all kinds of beach towels, toys, sunscreen, snacks, etc in there.

I also recommend when you are packing to pack all of your beach related stuff in your beach bag.  It makes it a heck of a lot easier to find things when you get there.  And keeping in mind too, that a lot of places don’t have check-in start until 3pm.  I don’t know about you, but that first day I don’t want to be sitting in my car even longer after having driven for 8 hours to get there.  I want to go to the beach!  If all of your beach gear is at an easily accessible spot, you can easily change to bathing suits and hit the beach BEFORE checking in.  And the kids can burn off some steam after having been in the car for so long.  So here goes:


  • bathing suits
  • beach towels
  • beach blanket
  • sunscreen-tailor to your family, we typically have three different kinds of sunscreen for the three of us.
  • lip balm-with SPF
  • snacks
  • spray bottle with water-good for spritzing salt water off your face after taking a dip
  • sunglasses
  • snacks


  • small mesh bag with beach toys
  • shovel-your kids will thank you for digging them a hole to put water in, to play in, etc
  • pool toys-floaties, rings to swim for, etc, anything to entertain the kids
  • beach umbrella or small shade tent
  • sled-for going to and fro 
  • beach chairs

Am I missing anything?  What else have you found that makes it fun at the beach?

❤ Erin


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