Welcome to Day 3 of our OBX Packing List Marathon!

Personal Items is another thing that I always find a little vague.  I have a certain routine that I go through as much as the next person.  And I don’t think that it is even possible that I would share the EXACT SAME ROUTINE with someone else.  So this list, once again, is a complete guideline for you.

One suggestion I have is to keep a bag entirely separate for your bathroom items.  Not only does it save you space in your suitcase, but it also saves your clothing in your suitcase from possible blow-outs of product.

My other big suggestion to you is this: get travel size EVERYTHING.  The dollar store is a great place to go for this sort of thing.  Also, I don’t know about you, but my local Christmas Tree Shoppes has a whole aisle and a half dedicated exclusively to travel size products.  If you are that stuck on particular products, spend the money and get those little travel size containers, at the dollar store, Target, wherever.

I just use a simple LLBean tote bag and throw everything in it.  It’s also great to keep in our bathroom until we leave in the morning, because I often throw some things in at the last minute.  Such as toothbrushes, hair brushes, etc.

  • shampoo/conditioner-travel size, get a few small ones for each family member
  • hair products-mousse, gel, hairspray
  • hair accessories-always good to have a few extra hair ties available
  • hair brushes/combs
  • hair dryer/styling irons-not entirely necessary, but check with your place first, some places do have a hair dryer available for you
  • soap-travel size bars are super cheap
  • lotion-sunscreen and regular daily lotion, the sunscreen is also in the BEACH packing list
  • aloe vera gel-you NEED this, I often have trouble finding the kind without alcohol in, but if you can find it, that’s the best there is
  • deodorant
  • shaving needs-his and hers
  • face products-lotions, toners, night creams
  • make-up-if you’re going the makeup route, I definitely recommend waterproof.  elf has a great waterproof eyeliner crayon, go for waterproof mascara, and a simple BB cream is great for the beach as well.  A little coverage, but it gets props for the SPF, too.
  • dental products-toothbrush, toothpaste (travel size), mouth wash, floss
  • eye care-contacts, solutions, glasses
  • medications-prescriptions, vitamins, pain relievers, antacids
  • bug spray-depending on where you stay, mosquitos can be horrible.  The sound side is normally the worst, but we’ve had bad years on the oceanside as well.
  • Bounce dryer sheets-don’t ask my why or how this works, but it does.  If you’re going out for a walk in the evening and you don’t want to be all bug-sprayed, stick a dryer sheet in your pocket.  Mosquitos hate them apparently.  We’ve still been known to have a few bites here and there, but it helps, and you smell fresh instead of like DEET.
  • Miscellaneous-tweezers, nail clippers, nail polish and remover (for the lazy afternoon pedicure)
  • toilet paper-this is also in the household needs, but I think it’s pretty important to put in here, too.  If you get to your house and you really have to go, all you’d have to do is grab your bathroom bag awhile and take it in.  We put at least one roll of TP in this bag, as we know we will need it right away.
  • tissues-we normally don’t bring a ton of these, but at least one box per family is good.  Another option is to get those little hand-packs that you can find in the travel toiletries section of most drugstores.
  • small mirror-this sounds silly, but seriously, you need this.  We’ve had some pretty crappy bathroom mirrors in the past too.  And even though we typically are not too worried about what we look like, it’s still good to know if you have something stuck in your teeth….
  • female products-ok, I know this isn’t fun to even think about, but you never know, be prepared.

Anything I missed?  Anything you’d like to add?

❤ Erin


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