A is ONE!

Happy birthday to the best kiddo ever!

I guess she is not really a kid yet.  She only just turned one.  But still.  She’s pretty amaze-balls.

I can’t believe how much happens in just one year.  She is moving around like crazy now.  Talking up a storm.  It’s so hard to imagine that just a year ago she was so tiny and couldn’t do anything for herself.  Now she is as independent as ever.  She is so her momma’s daughter.

You already heard my rant on pregnancy last week.  I won’t relive that for you.  But May 1st was simultaneously the best day and scariest day of my life.  Not scary because of childbirth.  I was okay with that.  And if you ask C, he will tell you that he was probably more nervous than I was.  I was the one who had it pulled together.  He was a hot mess.

I’ll share more about the scariest day later.  We don’t need to delve into that now on a Happy Birthday day!

❤ Erin


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