Alright, how many times have I told ya’ll how much I love Target?

Problem is: I don’t always save a TON of money like I do elsewhere.  BUT I do save more than the average Sally.

Get Cartwheel.  This is Target’s app for savings.  It works a bit like this: on your smart phone you run through their deals and pick out the ones you want.  The great thing is this:  a lot of the items are things you will need anyhow.  Example: 5% off a gallon of milk.  5% off doesn’t seem like a whole lot, but it will add up.

Shopkick is a great app if you are kidless.  Whether you have no kids, or you get an afternoon out.  Shopkick gives you points for walking into a store and scanning items.  There are several other stores you can do this with, but I have found that I don’t normally shop the other stores, nor do I have free time to just wander in a store that I had no intention of going into in the first place.  Target has a lot of products to scan.  After awhile you accumulate points, that you can use to get gift cards for difference stores, restaurants, TARGET!  And you can get a $5 GC pretty easily from scans.  Almost every other trip I end up with another $5 to use.

Ibotta is another great app to use at Target.  There are a lot of stores to use it at, including Rite Aid and CVS, amongst many others, but I find I use it the most at Target.  They typically have the most deals for new products, but often have deals on others as well.  The app works like this: you scan a featured product, after purchasing, you upload your receipt and then whatever the deal was is deposited into your earnings account.  After you earn so much, you can cash out to a gift card or paypal.  I’ve made more than $20 so far this year from Ibotta. You have to be pretty intense about saving your receipts though, too.  But remember you can use both a store coupon and a manufacturer coupon AND submit a receipt for this, too.  That’s a triple saving.

Target has a great coupon section and the majority of the coupons on the website are store coupons.  As with Rite Aid and CVS, their policy is for one store coupon and one manufacturer coupon per item.  They do have a limit of 4 like coupons per transaction.

Check the end caps in Target.  We normally make a trip there on Mondays and it seems like it is a good day for discounts.  The end caps always have good deals, and especially in the beauty care sections and grocery sections.  This is a place that is good to take a coupon binder with you if you have one.  Even though an item may be on clearance, you can still use the same one store coupon and one manufacturer coupon per item rule.

The clearance sections at Target have been so good to me.  Take, for example our pack and play I recently bought for $60, that was originally $140.  That was a Target find.

And, you already know about my love for the up&up brand, Target’s store brand from last weeks posts.

You can also sign up for Target mobile coupons.  Do a general google search to find WHAT to text, as it seems to change pretty frequently.  And it depends on your interests as well.  I get baby coupons, as well as the grocery coupons.

Target is a pretty great place, and with a little planning, you can save a lot of money by doing the bulk of your grocery shopping there as well.  My best tip is to make a list.  Not just a list of what you need but also make a list of what apps you need to use for each item.  This is the only downfall to Target is that it seems they are on board with all the savings apps and it can get a little hard sometimes keeping up with them.  BUT it’s more money in your pocket if you can get it all organized.  Above all, save your receipt, because a lot of times it is something you can deal with once you get home, as long as you remember to use your Cartwheel and Shopkick apps in store.

Any other extreme Target shoppers out there?  Any tips to add?

❤ Erin


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