I’m not NEAR as good at the ‘CVS game’ as I am at Rite Aid.  But it’s literally half a mile down the road from my Rite Aid.  I make an effort, although my trips there are normally not near as impressive as at RA (which is why I go to CVS first, save the best or last!).

I have actually contemplated giving up on CVS, and every time I do, another good sale goes on.

Grrr.  Suckers.

Anywho.  Here are my tips and tricks for CVS:

As with RA, they have a store card, which will track your purchases and reward you with their version of +up rewards: the Extra Care Buck.

These will always print out.  So keep them handy and remember to take them with for each shopping trip.

Unlike Rite Aid’s +up Rewards that expire after only 2 weeks, CVS’s Extra Care Bucks expire after 3 weeks.

The one thing they have that RA doesn’t is the Magic Coupon Machine.  Make sure to scan your CVS card at this machine right as you step foot in the store.  A tip from a diehard CVS fan: keep scanning your card until the machine yells at you.  A lot of times it will continue to print coupons after 2 and 3 scans.

I have a love hate relationship with the Magic Coupon Machine.  I love that sometimes I get a surprise reward of some ECBs, but I hate that it almost always inevitably will shoot out coupons for things that I know I have manufacturer coupons for at home, and that are likely on sale while I am there.  It’s definitely their ploy to get you back in the store.

On the plus side, those coupons will normally last about a week, which is a bit more convenient to be able to use the next shopping trip.

Register your CVS card online, and you will be able to get almost weekly emails of discounts.  In the past I have gotten a 25% off the entire store coupon, a free Nivea lip balm coupon, $5 off $20 or more, etc.

CVS has a LOT of limits on their ECBs.  If an item is $1 and they are giving $1 ECB, be sure to read the fine print.  A lot of times, it is a limit of 1.  Which is why I can’t always justify making a trip if I am buying one item.  But, they do run some good deals.

CVS has some store coupons on their website, but it is hard to find them amongst the printable manufacturer coupons.  It doesn’t hurt to check them before a shopping trip.

They have the same rule as RA, in combining one manufacturer coupon with one store coupon.

That’s pretty much all I have for you on CVS.  As I said, I am not near as good at CVS as I am at my beloved RA, but I still make the effort since it isn’t but 30 seconds away from my Rite Aid.  As before, if you are a CVS-er, please leave tips and tricks for us and I will update with your findings!

❤ Erin



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