Savings Week

Friends and family, especially, know about my extreme savings habits.  And they are always incredulous at the deals I get and how I get them.  It has gotten to a point where there is too much on my basement shelves now.  I have lists for 2 friends (and their families) and my parents now.  If there is something they like that I can get for very cheap or free, then I do.  Now, I also have started donating to local shelters as well.



A recent trip: items bought on top and the receipt says it all: saved $108.42 and spent a GRAND total of $2.17

The question gets asked: WHY?!

It takes some time and some patience, for sure.  And I think that is why people think I am crazy in doing what I am doing.  I will say that it doesn’t go without help from a few trusted websites to maximize my deals.  But in the end it is worth it.  When I take the burden off of a friend who battled breast cancer and STILL gave of herself to me and my family, it’s worth it.  When I can send a care package of stuff to my friend who lives 1500 miles away, and her boys get to open it, it’s worth it.  When I can give so freely (no pun intended) to my parents who gave everything they had for me when I was growing up, it’s worth it.  When I can give to a local women’s shelter to women who have been abused emotionally and physically, giving them some nice hair products to make them feel better about themselves, it’s WORTH IT.


This was a trip I made before Christmas. I paid less than $5 for all of this.

As a 1 income family, we don’t have a lot of spare change.  We stick to a pretty tight budget.  This is sort of my ‘indulgence’ if you will.  And it gives me a high to be able to get the deals.  But, being a 1 income family, we can’t GIVE a lot to others.

Unless you count the endless amounts of toiletries and laundry products and packaged foods and cleaning products, etc that I can give to family and friends and even complete strangers.


Another less than $5 trip

I coupon because we have only one income.  But there’s so much more to it than that.  It teaches my daughter to work hard for what you have.  You can’t get free without working for it!  It teaches her to give to others, and make sure that you can get yourself in a position to give to others.  Whether that be having a ton of money that you can spare, or whether it be you don’t have a ton of money to spare, but you’ve got a ton of product to share.

It teaches math.  Trying to figure out some of these deals can be a little tricky.  It’s critical thinking at the store when something doesn’t work out quite like I thought it would.  It’s manners, when dealing with a sales associate who we haven’t had before and helping her bag/sorting coupon piles for her, thanking her for her patience.


More recent trip: this was a ‘stock up for friends and family’ trip. Again, less than $5.

Even if we were making 250k/year, I would still do what I am doing.  And then be able to give more financially to charities closest to us.  I am THAT passionate about it.

This week I am going to try to help you get started.  Even if it is small scale.  You don’t have to walk out of a store with $110 worth of products for $2 your first trip.  But you can strive to be there and make it a goal to be there in 6 months.  Even if that isn’t your end goal, I still encourage you to try to save money everywhere you can.

Pick your own reasons to coupon and stick by it.  You need to have a passion to fulfill, because otherwise you won’t make an effort.  Above all, don’t get discouraged.  It takes a LOT of practice and a lot of work.  You’ll get there, I promise!  And this week I will give you some clues and tips to help you get started.

❤ Erin


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