Mom Conference Day 5

Day FIVE already?!?!!  Holy cow!  And today there are SIX videos!  How lucky can a girl get!?!  If you haven’t yet signed up, there is STILL time!  And it’s free!  So head on over here to sign up!

Diane from  talked today about the 21 day sugar detox.  Which was super informative.  On her website are links to books that describe this more in detail.  I agree with what she is doing with the detox, and definitely am interested in trying it.  For 3 weeks, right?  Who can’t detox from sugar for 3 weeks?  But she is geared very much so towards the paleo diet.  And I’m not so much interested in that.  But, it can’t hurt to try the detox and see where I am at after that!

Robyn from was talking about detoxing in general.  Lots of detox stuff today, eh?  Robyn did a great job about explaining detox-ing.  And her program targets all the main organs that are constantly working in our bodies.  Which is really great.  Because I understand that some of the detox systems are specifically for certain body systems.  Not ALL of them.  The other thing I really like that Robyn talked about was the ‘side effects’ of detoxing.  It’s totally normal to have these symptoms as your body is ridding itself of toxins.  It’s trying to get rid of the ‘bad guys’ so to speak, in any way it can.  But a lot of times, you don’t always hear the bad with the good, so I appreciate that she mentioned that as well.

One of the things that was mentioned today by both Diane and Robyn was that fat is actually holding onto toxins.  So in other words.  Fat is here, because there are toxins in it.  It isn’t caused by ‘clean foods’.

More and more I have been leaning towards the more ‘clean’ eating methods.  That is, eating things in their natural state.  Staying away from the middle of the grocery store.  If it didn’t come directly from God’s green earth, we shouldn’t be consuming it.  And this is even more encouraging to lean even further into this.

Great videos today so far!  Make sure to head on over and sign up!

❤ Erin


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