Mom Conference Day 4

Can I just say…. I am LOVING the mom conference!

Seriously.  Can it be longer than a week?

Today was a series of short videos.  ACTUAL videos.  SO I had to sit down and watch this evening.  Which is fine, because as I said, they are short!

The hair one by Abby from was phenomenal.  And it was 10 minutes long.  She showed us how to do a few really simple, really quick and really pretty hairstyles.  Which, as moms, we know you feel so much better when you LOOK put together.  (I actually did the one braid as she showed us how to do it, and it is definitely going in my day-to-day hairstyle mental library!)

One of the videos was from Toni from She showed how to do some cheap and cute props for birthday parties.  Although we are not planning on doing a large party for A, there are still some definite cheap and cool ideas!  Will be keeping her website in mind for the future!

As I said before, some of the videos I really believe are not for everyone, and I didn’t feel that the other 3 were really my bag for today.  And I don’t have much time left in the day to watch them!  Again, maybe I’ll have one running tomorrow morning while I shower.

And I wish the mom conference could go on longer!  Because I would totally listen to ALL of them.  Maybe one a day (while in the shower….LOL!), because some are truly worth listening too.  For sure.

Happy hair day! (you need to try the alternative braid!)

❤ Erin


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