Mom Conference Day 2 recap

Remember, if you haven’t signed up for the Mom Conference yet, you still can!  Head on over here and sign up for FREE!

Day Two was filled with 5 more very valuable videos.  Unfortunately I wasn’t able to watch one of them, and the other one I only got halfway through!  Our internet was spazzing out again last night and this morning.  DARN IT!

The one I was really looking forward too was the Budgeting one by Jordan Page.  I loved it so much I was talking to my friend in Nebraska about it, and I’m sure she got an animated earful from me.  Jordan is the owner of the blog, which is a blog I frequent.  And actually, was the blog where I first heard about the Mom Conference.  So THANKS JORDAN!  I took some pretty intense notes (I didn’t even take notes in nursing school, so any notes at all by me, are pretty intense) and hubs and I discussed a lot of her strategies last night as well.  We are definitely going to start implementing a lot of her techniques and ideas in our home!

Next I watched the one by Camille from  She was talking about family traditions and how they can be incorporated into your everyday life.  I really love the idea of having daddy-daughter dates as A gets older.  Not only does it give me some much needed ‘me’ time.  But also it helps to create that bond for her and daddy.  Which I think is so important for a child, boy or girl, to have a great relationship with BOTH parents.  I know I did growing up and I definitely want that for A as well.

I got halfway through the presentation by Tricia from  And everything she was suggesting was equally as important to me!  She has a meal plan that you can sign up for on her website that will give you a master shopping list, a prep list and a recipe list (in order of how it should be done).  She picks one day a month to do all her meals for her family.  Breakfast, lunch and dinner.  And freezes them!  I’ve dabbled with this a little bit and found some useful things to make ahead.  I hate being in the kitchen, so anything I can do ahead of time is wonderful.  And often I am ‘gung-ho’ in the morning and start to peter out towards the end of the day.  Specifically, about the time I should be working on dinner for our family.  But I think it is so important, and Camille talked about this in her family traditions, that we have dinner together every night as a family.  Especially as kids get older and are off doing sports, hanging out with friends, etc.  I think it is important to keep that family time sacred, even if it is only 20-30 minutes.  That’s time that you will never get back.

Here we are on day 3 of the Mom Conference!  I am looking forward to seeing some of the videos again today.  Some of them aren’t really relevant to me at this point in our family journey.  But it’s so great that there are so many different videos.  Aimed really at everyone.  Any mom, or even some single women could benefit from some of the seminars on the mom conference!  So head on over and sign up!

You can thank me later!

❤ Erin


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