The Mom Conference-Day 1

If you haven’t signed up for the Mom Conference yet, I totally suggest that you do.  It’s this amazing ONLINE conference for moms!  Or parents in general (except I’m not so sure the dads would be interested in makeup tips).  The best part is, it’s FREE!

The videos are pre-recorded and can be watched whenever, wherever for 24 hours after they are posted at 10am (on the day it is posted).  The conference started today, so definitely get on over there and sign up!  NOW!

This morning there are 5 videos to be seen.  I watched the first of 5 while A took her morning nap.  I was simultaneously knitting my first pair of socks (because ya’ll know I can’t sit still and do NOTHING), drinking my coffee and listening in to Amy McCready discuss positive parenting techniques.  I understand that she has a book, as well as a website with her positive parenting techniques.  And let me tell you.  Hubs is going to get a birthday list for me soon.  And that book is gonna be on it!  What a delightful and encouraging seminar it was.  A is not quite 12 months old, but we are starting to kind of get into some behavioral things, and I can see where some of the principles discussed could be applied early on.

Head on over here and sign up for the Mom Conference.  It covers not only parenting choices, but healthy food ideas, makeup tips, how to start a business, etc.

I’m pretty psyched to watch another video when A takes her afternoon nap.  Definitely next on my list is the crock-pot freezer meals!

❤ Erin


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