Seeing double?

What I’m talking about is things that are nice to have doubles of.

1) Car Seats and/or car seat bases.  We had 1 extra base that was in C’s truck and one in my mom’s car.  Then the ‘main car seat’ was a convertible chicco next fit (that we LOVE).  It made it a lot easier, when I was working.  There was one day a week when I had to drop A off at my mom’s and C had to pick her up.  So, having to shuffle a car seat around 3 times in one day would have been a little tricky.  Just invest the money and get an extra base.

Screen Shot 2014-03-03 at 7.05.01 PM



2) High chairs.  I’m not saying get like the WHOLE huge high chair, but either have one of these new convertible high chairs, or have one that you keep at home and a small travel one, for going to family dinners, friend’s houses, etc.


Apparently this one converts to a booster too?


3) Strollers.  This is optional.  But we had a hand me down travel system stroller that we really couldn’t use much.  Everywhere we walk is gravel and we found the slim, small tires just sunk in the gravel.  My mom though, lives in town and has sidewalks that she could use the travel system stroller on.  If you think this is something that would be helpful, check gently used kids consignment shops, where you are likely to find a good deal, and might even be able to find a model that fits with your car seat too!

❤ Erin


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