5 Things About Babies and Clothing

Wow, where can I start here?  I was a typical first parent for sure.  Hopefully this will shed some light for some of the other soon-to-be new parents!

  1. Don’t buy anything fancy.  There’s just no point.  Face it.  You’re life as you know it is over.  And if and when you will be going somewhere, the baby is going to be scrunched up in their car seat with a blanket over them.  Nobody cares about the cute clothes.
  2. IF you must buy a ton of clothes, buy a ton of sizes.   I cannot stress this enough.  A is a little….unusual.  She is 9 months old and wearing 24 months clothing.  She literally wore 3 month clothing (of which I had 40+ outfits for her) for like 3 weeks.  We never even wore half of the stuff that she had!
  3. Just buy onesies.  And pants, if its winter.  A lived in these all summer long.  And reference #1.  Who cares if they were the same white onesie every dang day?  Nobody will see but you!
  4. Put bibs on.  ALWAYS.  Unless you want to change their outfit 6 times a day, just do it.  I promise you will thank me after you realize how annoying it is to strip down a sleeping baby because they have barf on them.
  5. Buy socks. IN BULK.  Seriously, I’m not kidding.  I think the dryer eats ours.  Or Auty does.  Or maybe C does….  Anywho.  Point being: baby socks are TINY.  Therefore they are super easy to lose.  So, instead of driving yourself nuts, buy them in bulk, preferably all white.

BONUS TIP: Shop consignment shops.  I know, it used to gross me out too.  But keep in mind, like I said about A flying through sizes?  Other peoples kids do too.  Which means that you can get really cheap clothes that were barely worn.  Obviously wash them firstI admit, I wash mine twice, sometimes three times after I get them home to get all the funky smell off of them.  😉

Happy Shopping!

❤ Erin


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