10 Things I Wish I Had Put on My Baby Registry

10Things I Wish I Had Put on My Baby Registry
You know how it goes: you get that cool little scanning gun thing and go to town at the baby store.  I had so many things on my registry when I was pregnant with A and although I have used a lot of them, there are a lot that I thought I needed to have, and well.  Once she came along?  We didn’t use them.  More on that later.
So here’s my list of things we bought AFTER A was born and have used religiously since getting them!
Top row: left to right
  • Nursing stool: definite need.  No one ever tells you how sore your arms are if you don’t have enough support when nursing.  And this stool is super.  It can be used flat or at an incline.  So it can be used down the road too!
  • Portable speakers: these have been a lifesaver.  A really loves music and has since she was born.  This has a jack inside that you can plug into an iPhone, iPod, whatever.  And it clips pretty conveniently on the stroller too.
  • Dr. Suess books: normal baby picture books can be pretty boring.  And I read to A a LOT.  So I need something that keeps my interest as well.  Dr. Suess, albeit a little corny, fits that bill perfectly.  I like to try to see how fast I can read them without screwing up some of the rhymes.  And A thinks it’s hysterical, so it works for us.
  • Swing and Bouncer: Ok, we don’t have this, but why the heck didn’t I see this?  This is perfect!  Baby crap takes up so much room in your house, why not combine them?

Middle row:

  • Infantino Fresh Squeezed Station: I LOVE this thing.  And I’ve talked about it before.  I make a lot of A’s food and this is perfect for on the go.  You can fill your own pouches, which A) saves money and B) you know where the food came from.  There’s even a pack of spoons you can get that fit on it, so it’s makes eating on the run very convenient.
  • On-the-go bottle warmers: we have both of these and love both of them equally.  The first is electricity free, so you can throw it in the diaper bag and use it wherever you may go.  Only downside is that you can only use it once before resetting it (which is easy to do, but you need a pot of boiling water to complete).  The other is the one we can plug into the 12V in the car.  Also super convenient.

Bottom Row:

  • ErgoBaby: I LOVE this carrier.  We don’t have this exact one, but I thought the pattern was pretty (isn’t it?).  I tried the Moby wrap and failed miserably with that.  But this?  TOTALLY worth the expense.  And spend a little extra money and get a fancy pattern.  You will use it enough that it’s worth the money to get what you want.  It can be used up to 45 lbs.  And can be worn 3 different ways.  We did front carry for months and have been doing the side carry now for awhile as well.  This weekend I am join to start back carrying, because it is starting to get a little hard on my hip with the side carry.
  • Sound Machine: this is the exact model we have.  And ironically, it’s not even something I had planned on getting.  It’s something we won at my husbands work Christmas party!  But it is a godsend.  We use the same sound every night and nap time with A and I truly believe it is what helps her sleep through the night and if she wakes up, is comforted back to sleep.
  • Baby Wipes: they never go bad and it’s one of those things that you are just going to need.  Even when your tot is out of diapers?  They’re still great for sticky hands.  You can never have enough of these.  Diapers however are a problem, because the size changes so much.  So instead, ask for a ton of these
  • Phil&Teds stroller: I still have yet to have gotten this sucker.  They’re pretty pricey.  But I’m still hunting for a good deal on one, before we get pregnant with baby #2.  These things are super.  Not only are they the size of a regular travel system stroller, they fold down SUPER small and you can add a doubles kit onto the back (and it’s STILL smaller than the average travel system stroller!).  There are attachment kits you can get for the main car seat brands (chicco, grace, britax) that you can use with this stroller.  From what I have heard they are based out of New Zealand and have EXCELLENT customer service.  So, if anyone sees a REALLY good deal on one of these, could ya clue a girl in?

As usual, there are plenty more I could add in, but these are the top finds that we have found the most helpful throughout the past several months and will continue to be useful for the next year or so!  Anything to help you get by as a parent is good in my book!  There are so many new gadgets and cool things out there that make it easier on us to travel.  We no longer have to stay at home for the first 4 years of our kid’s lives!  Wooohooo for freedom!

❤ Erin


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