Top 5 Baby Books

Top 5 Baby Books
  1. The Happiest Baby on the Block by Harvey Karp: I read this book BEFORE A was born and it was SO incredibly helpful.  The advice given is logical, you just don’t really think of it until Mr. Karp puts it into perspective for you!  This saved me so many times after A was born in those first several daunting weeks of being a new mom.
  2. Teach Your Baby To Sign by Monica Beyer: You’ve heard me reference this one before!  I love this book for the easy to read signs, descriptions on how to sign, and what the sign is used best for in a situation with a baby.  This is a must buy if you are planning on teaching this form of communication to your little one!
  3. Unbuttoned edited by Dana Sullivan and Maureen Connelly: I didn’t use this as a reference book, but more as a late night companion for nursing.  It is a compilation of other mom’s breastfeeding stories, strengths, shortcomings, and in general a good companion for a new breastfeeding mom.  We struggled with breastfeeding from day one and I finally gave up when A was 6 months old.  Honestly, I don’t know how I lasted that long, but it wasn’t until I read sections in this book that I realized it was OK to give up.  But it’s great for success stories too!
  4. The Best Homemade Baby Food on the Planet by Karin Knight: I have referenced this book time and time again on how to make certain foods, what can be frozen, good combos of foods together.  It has been photocopied numerous times by friends wanting a recipe.  It has been splattered by my messy cooking style.  This thing has been an absolute GEM in my kitchen and everything made out of this book has been a favorite for A.  Totally worth it if you are going the homemade baby food route.
  5. The Better Way to Breastfeed by Robin Elise Weiss: I’ll start by saying I took a breastfeeding class before A was born.  It was ok.  As a pediatric nurse I had already known a lot about breastfeeding.  But I think overall the class I took was very general, and really only would’ve helped a TRUE, never-been-around-a-baby-before novice.  This book was SO comprehensive and is broken into readable sections that can be referenced again and again.  There are  a lot of ‘new school’ ideas in here that I had not heard of before, and worked immensely for us!

Hope this helps your search for ‘new mom’ books!  Those first few weeks as a new mom can be redundant after awhile.  And having a few books on hand to read is worth while.  There are only so many hours of watching TV you can do a day before it gets old, so stock up on some good reads.

❤ Erin


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