Super Find

We are so blessed to have this super consignment sale close by where we live.  It only happens twice a year, once in the spring and once in the fall.

As with any consignment sale or thrift shop, it is always hit or miss as to what you can find.  This year, I found that it was sort of hard to find clothing for A.  Sure we got a ton of dresses.  It’s hard to wear out dresses at this point, because NOBODY in their right mind puts a toddler in a dress on a regular basis.


Unfortunately we didn’t find a whole lot of regular everyday clothes.  As I said, they are sort of hard to find at this point, as they are worn pretty hard.

But, I did find a SUPER DEAL this time around in the baby gear section.  One that I didn’t realize was as good as it was until I got home and did a little research.

This is the gem of the day: a bike trailer, in near mint condition, for $60!  Which I thought was a pretty good deal.  We had planned on getting a bike trailer for A’s birthday.  She will only be one, and likely won’t care that it is more for our enjoyment in being able to get out of the house and go biking again.



What’s so great about this bike trailer?  It’s a Chariot Cougar 2.  Which meant absolutely nothing to me either.

It’s pretty intense.  It has the jogging kit attached now, but also has the bike attachment in there somewhere too.  And it has a rain cover/bug netting too.

Apparently, after a lot of research, this bike (with the attachments that came with it) retails at over $900!


Look who’s all up in the deal saving realm now?  BOOM.

As soon as it gets above -2 around here we’re gonna be testing this puppy out.

No seriously.  It’s been THAT cold here lately.

❤ Erin


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