5 Things About Baby Clothes

  1. Go for easy.  In those first several months, it is an absolute pain getting newborns dressed and undressed.  They don’t have any head control, so you have to carefully take shirts off over their heads.  And that wouldn’t be so hard, except that they barf all over everything.  Or maybe that was just my kid…
  2. Cute stuff is a waste of money. Really.  You’re not going to be going anywhere.  I promise you that.  So dressing them up in babyGap is seriously a waste of money.  Unless, of course, you’re rich.  In which case, buy what you want.  We, however, are not, and wish not to spend frivolously on everyday-wear.  Onesies are your friend.  Babies don’t have a care in the world if their boobies are hanging out and their butt cheeks are fresh as a new plumbers butt.  BUT they will care if they get a cool draft of air.  So onesies are the way to go to keep them covered, and happy.
  3. If you have a spitty baby, ALWAYS put a bib on.  This will save you from countless changes throughout the day. Bibs are a lot easier to change and are a lot smaller, so it will be a heck of a lot easier to wash too.
  4. Shoes are so overrated.  They are very cute.  I agree.  But most babies aren’t used to having them on their feet anyhow, so on the occasion that they do, they will kick like crazy to try and figure out how to get them off.  Do yourself a favor and forget about them, and do your baby a favor, and don’t torture them.
  5. Don’t bother folding laundry.  In the early months ONLY, when you are sleep deprived to begin with.  As I said before, you’re really not going to go anywhere, so wrinkly clothes are FINE!  Since newborn clothes are so small, I would sort A’s in the laundry basket.  Onesies in one corner, bibs in another, socks in a pile in the middle.  And I would just leave the basket in her room, and pull from it whenever we needed something new.

Have fun!

❤ Erin


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