You need to be there.  Seriously.

I cannot tell you how many time this website saved my life when A was first born.  You know how hard it is to go anywhere when you have a newborn.  And even THINKING  of getting dressed (like more than sweatpants and a baggie shirt), getting the baby dressed, getting the diaper bag ready, getting the baby and the bag in the car, then remember to get your purse (or at least your wallet), then realizing when you get in the car that you don’t have shoes on.  After retrieving said shoes and getting back into the car, smelling something funny in the backseat, undressing the baby (because inevitably it is a poop-up-the-back-blowout), doing a quick bath and then redressing said baby, who you, again, will strap into the car seat and put back into the car, only to realize that you forgot to put a bra on…

And the story goes on.  If you’re a parent, you know exactly what I am talking about.  If you’re pregnant with your first?  God Bless your soul.  I promise it WILL get better.  BUT.  It will get worse before it gets better.

Enter: diapers.com.

It’s like a Babies R Us, on the web only.  But it is Uh-Maze-ING.

Recently they did away with their super cheap shipping.  Which is a major bummer.  But, there is a family of several sites ranging from kids books (bookworm.com), to a drugstore (soap.com) to a beauty store (beauty bar.com), to an all natural store (vine.com) etc.  The wonderful thing about this is that you can purchase items from any and all of the stores under one transaction, so as to qualify for the free shipping sooner.  And they’re shipping is super fast.  It’s guaranteed 2 day delivery on most everything.  And MANY times we have had something sitting on our doorstep within 24 hours.

We used this website as our baby registry too.  We really liked that we could not only pick items that we wanted, but people could also make ‘donations’ to a diaper fund for us.  So anytime we needed diapers, wipes, etc, we could tap into that and use that money to pay for our purchase.

Anyhow, I say this is wonderful, because I literally would order something 2-3 times a week within the first 2 months of having A home.  As you know, being a first time mom is hard.  If you need just one little thing, it’s so hard to have to go to the store and get it with baby in tow.  I do miss they’re previous familyhood trial in which you had free shipping on EVERYTHING.  I was part of a trial for that program and they had mentioned a possibility of it being a yearly subscription.  Unfortunately I have yet to have heard anything on that front, but I still sing praises about the company.

There were a few times when I’ve needed to call the company.  For example, one time I had a coupon code that initially worked, but then after I had already submitted payment, it didn’t show it had taken anything off.  I got a live person, right away!  And they explained to me that the coupon that I had tried to use was for first time customers only.  Which I would’ve been fine with just taking the mistake and remembering to read the fine print a little closer next time around.  But they gave me the discount anyway.  It was so generous.  I have called several times over the past year and EVERY single time I get a live person right away and a genuinely NICE person, one who likes their job. While waiting for a transaction to go through they’ll ask about the weather where we live, or one asked who I was buying the toy for.  They engage in conversation with you.  And as I said, this has been several times.  I’ve had exceptional service over and over again!

So, I highly recommend them to you all and I even have a super special discount code for you!  With this code, you can get 20% your first order on EVERY SITE!  So, even if you don’t need any baby stuff, head on over and check out the familyhood sites.  I’m sure you’ll find something that you need, that you can take 20% off of!

Use code EEMX2784 at checkout!

Happy Shopping ya’ll!

❤ Erin


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