You got it.  That’s the brand we use.  And we LOVE them.

If you are going to get into cloth diapering, I suggest too, that you research your options, research companies, ask friends, go on mommy blogs.  REALLY do your homework before settling on a brand.

We did just that very thing, and I am so happy I took the time and effort.  I also know families who got into cloth diapering, only to find that they hated the huge set they got.  And unfortunately, cloth diapers are sort of like bathing suits.  You can’t return them if they’ve been opened.

As I mentioned before, we didn’t use the cloth diapers a whole lot when A was an infant (like 1 month old).  They have a newborn variety, which were great!  We just didn’t have the time and energy to deal with them.

After that they have three (maybe four?) sizes.  Small, Medium, and Large (I think they may have x-large too, for older kids).  The great thing about gDiapers is that they are considered hybrid diapers.  I know, high tech, right?

That essentially means that you can use either cloth inserts in the diaper, or you can use disposable inserts in the diaper.  We’e used a variety of both, and really like that you CAN use both.  True, to buy the disposable inserts is a lot like buying disposable diapers, and you probably say, well, what’s the point?  I have to agree with you on that.  We have used the disposables on a rare occasion going out, so I don’t have to bring home a smelly wet bag with a smelly cloth insert.

You ask what about poo?  Yeah, that sort of grosses me out too.  BUT!  They have these super liners that you can put on top of a cloth pad that you just throw out.

We’ve done a combination of all sorts of things since starting with gDiapers.  A pretty much has a schedule on when she does a #2 now.  So I know around that time, I should be either using the liners, or using a disposable insert.  Or, putting her in a  Pampers.  The rest of the time, the cloth inserts work GREAT for us.

Bottom line: there are a TON of cloth diaper companies out there.  There are definitely some great brands, and I am in no way saying that gDiapers is the BEST brand, they are just the best brand for us.  We also like to research the company before we make a big purchase as well, and we did just that with gDiapers.  We found a genuine, down-to-earth company, who stands behind their product and will help out in any way they can if you are having trouble.  We found a parenting support group with them that helps and rejoices in small victories on the diapering front.  We were impressed with their product and how well-made it is.  So for us?  It worked.

Take your time.  Research.  A LOT.  Make sure your partner is on board with your decision too.  And don’t get discouraged if it doesn’t work out!

I hope this helped you out, at least in some sort of way!  If you have any questions about how the gDiapers work, or anything else about any of the posts this week on cloth diapering, please feel free to shoot me an email, or comment below.  I know it isn’t for everyone, and hope this helped to make your decision.  Remember: Parenting is individual.  Some things work for some of us, but the same thing may not work for everyone else.  Whatever decision you make, you are making for you and your FAMILY.  Don’t let others judge you for what you are doing with your child.  After all, you know them best!!!

❤ Erin


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