Little things to make your life easier

Little things to make your life easier
  • Car Seat: Chicco Next Fit-goes from 5-65lbs!  Can be used rear facing and front facing.  And it’s a hefty price tag, but it sure beats buying 2 different car seats in such a short period of time!
  • Car seat mirror-this one is pretty cool.  It has a remote that I have in the front seat that I can use to turn on a light and/or music for A.  She loves looking at herself and talking to herself too!
  • Cell Phone holder-perfect for the stroller!  For me to use and also for A to use!
  • Boon grass countertop drying rack.  These come with cute little flowers and trees to use as well, to dry bottle parts!  If you use Dr. Brown’s bottles like we do, you know how much of a pain all of those part are and drying them is even more fun!  So this guy is genius!
  • Graco baby monitor-we weren’t into the whole video monitor thing.  I think for me personally, I probably would have sat there and stared at her the entire time she was sleeping.  Just hearing what is going on is good enough for me!  We keep one in our bedroom and one in the kitchen.  The range for these is pretty darn good too.  We have 1.25 acres out here and I can pretty much walk to the ends of the property with the handheld and not lose signal!  And they are pretty portable too.  The charge on the receivers lasts at least 12 hours and the base unit takes batteries as well as plugging into the wall, so you’ve got options!

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