Um… This is Cool!

Um… This is Cool!
Ok, so in a perfect world, I would have been able to exclusively breastfeed A for the first 12 months.  BUT that didn’t happen.  She was on bottles more than she wasn’t.  And she was on formula more than breast milk.  By the time I had stopped nursing, it wouldn’t have been worth the money spent on this.  BUT it’s still pretty darn cool!  I can see some use in this for mom’s who aren’t breastfeeding and for those that maybe have twins or *GASP* triplets!
It apparently filters the water, warms the water and then dispenses enough water and powdered formula to make a perfect bottle.  All with the touch of a button!  Whoa.  Mind blown.  It’s like a Keurig for babies!
So, in my perfect world I wouldn’t have had a use for something like this.  BUT it sure is cool!

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