Foot Soak

Ya’ll know I am obsessed with Pinterest right?

Have any of you heard of this Listerine and Vinegar foot soak?  The recipe is this: 1 cup Listerine (says your supposed to use the blue kind), 1 cup vinegar, and 6 cups warm water.

Let’s just say I tried this a few weeks ago and failed miserably.  I know, you wouldn’t think something so simple would be so hard.  It’s not HARD, the problem is that it turns your feet BLUE!

But, the winter screws with my skin in general.  As silly as this sounds, I get MORE calluses in the winter.  I think because I am wearing shoes.  Which again, likely doesn’t make sense, unless you understand that 6+ months of the year I walk around barefoot.  Wearing shoes causes me to have calluses as much as NOT wearing them does.

So I tried again.  This time though I used the Listerine ULTRAClean variety.  It’s blue, but it is a much lighter blue.  And?  No blue feet!


The claim is that it literally MELTS dry skin off of your feet.  Like, you soak them for 2 seconds and you’re cured.  Although that didn’t happen, it was nice to sit with my feet in a nice warm bath!  I did use a pumice stone, and I did use my favorite foot lotion of all time right afterward.


But don’t assume the world of this.  It’s just not THAT great.  Although I can imagine that the vinegar would help get rid of any foot-funk, and the listerine DOES feel cool and tingly on your feet, despite the warm water.  So it does get the senses going.

Go at your own risk for sure, but I HIGHLY suggest against using the hardcore original blue Listerine!

Go make some happy feet!

❤ Erin


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