Power free?

I don’t know where ya’ll live, but we had some pretty interesting winter storms here the past several weeks.  One particular ice storm knocked out our power for a few days.  Which ultimately we were fine.  I promise I am not trying to start a sob story here.  Quite the contrary actually.

We were fine, because in the end, we were prepared.  Some of that has to do with the fact that we live in the middle of BFE and HAVE to be prepared.  We routinely are one of the last roads in the county to have a snow plow come through.  Some of the last to get our power back on.  But, it’s fine, because we are PREPARED for this to happen!

But, even though we are mostly ready, it still sucks to not have your computer all day, because the charge went out.  We have heat, because of the wood stove.  And with all the snow, it was pretty bright in our house, even if the sun wasn’t out.  But I will admit, the first few hours were making me go a little stir crazy.  How the heck was I going to manage to entertain myself and a 9 month old if we didn’t have POWER?!?!

I figured it out after a little while and everything ended up being fine.

But it got me thinking.  That we should be even more prepared for something like this to happen, so I don’t sit around twiddling my thumbs wishing the electric back on.  So I don’t mess with the generator for an hour trying to remember what all I am supposed to do.  Being prepared, by remembering where all of our “lights out” gear is, i.e. flashlights, etc.

We’re going to try something here in our house.  Maybe more for the fun of it than anything else, but at least I know we will be creative enough and things will be fresh enough for us that we can be better prepared in the future.

Every week we are going to have a power-free day.  And this might have to change from week to week, because of different things going on.  If someone comes to fix our dryer or something, obviously we need power.

And I’m not going to go down stairs and flip the breaker off all day.  There is absolutely no reason to waste everything in our refrigerator, or for AC in the summer, we would waste twice as much electricity getting it cooled down the next day.

BUT, the idea is that we get creative.  We have a gas stove that we can light with a match if needed, but instead of using the microwave, we use the stove.  In the summer, we cook over a campfire.  Instead of watching TV, we play outside.  Instead of using the dishwasher, we hand wash everything.  Turn the dang lights off.  Cell phones?  Can be on, but only used in an emergency.  And not touched all day long.  Dinner?  Is coming from the garden in the summer.

The idea is that we need to learn to plan ahead and we need to learn to be even more creative.  Planning ahead of time for a power free day encourages you to plan ahead ALL the time.  In that, we should get done today what we may not be able to do tomorrow.  No milk? Sorry for your luck Charlie, unless you ride your bike the 10 miles to and from the store to get milk, you ain’t having it.  If I forgot to get soap to wash the dishes (highly unlikely that I’d EVER run out of soap, if you know me…) then get creative.  Use baking soda.

You get where I am going with this?  I like routine as much as the next person.  And I would admit that I am dreading this a tiny little bit.  Because I know it is not normal, it is out of my comfort zone.  But I think not only is it good for me, but I think it is also good for my daughter to learn how to be creative and how to fend for herself.

What do you think?  Is this something you would try in your home?

❤ Erin


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