Mac OS X

Let me preface by saying I LOVE my MacBook Pro.  This was my ‘present’, if you will, when we did our taxes for the first time after getting married.  And I have loved it ever since.  So don’t go assuming that I am no longer an Apple fan!  

But I have to admit.  I HATE updates.  This afternoon (keep that in mind…AFTERNOON), I went to look for an App.  Nothing fancy,  Just a free photo editing app, so as I get more advanced in my blogging, I have something more to play with and make stuff look ‘cool’ around here.  Tried to download one app.

Current OS is not supported by this app.

Ok, whatevs.  Tried another.  Same thing.  And another.  Same thing.


The thought occurred to me that maybe I should check the updates and see if I needed to do anything.  BTW this is something that does sort of bug me: how comes my iPhone automatically updates my apps, on a daily basis, but yet my computer will go forever without ever prompting me to look at the ‘update’ section?  

So, there’s an update available.

Would you like to install update?

Sure, why not.  Have to get dinner going here anyhow.  So that’s fine.  That will give it a good 15 minutes to get done what it needs to do and we’ll be back on air in no time.  I can work on the blog after dinner.

Would you like to connect to a power source before beginning?

Nah.  Never had to before.  This’ll be quick.

Fast forward 30 minutes.  Screen is BLANK.  Like black.  Nobody’s home.  Come back another day.


Pushed the power button.  Nothing.

Are you kidding me?  This thing was fully charged.  Sure enough, pushed the little button thingy on the side, you know the one, that gives you ‘dots’ based on your power left?  It didn’t even light up.  AT ALL.

Of course, then I had to walk the WHOLE WAY BACK TO THE OFFICE (I’m being dramatic here… our house is all of 1200 sq foot) to plug the sucker in.  And I waited anxiously until I had even a little bit of charge, to turn it back on.  When it finally powered up, it said I still had an hour and a half left to go.


So much for getting anything done after dinner.  Change of plans.  Instead did some much need blog planning, whilst simultaneously rationing out puffs for A, who sits beside me in the highchair.  It’s all good.  She’s mesmerized by pens writing and by words being typed.

Fast forward again.  I literally set the timer on my phone for 90 minutes, so as to be 100% ready for the darn thing to be done doing it’s thang.  Oh, snap.  Now it has to INSTALL the UPDATE.  Now.  Call me crazy.  But that sounds kind of like the same thing to me.  What the hell was the point in updating, if you have even more to do afterwards?  My iPhone never does this sh*t.

Whatevs.  Sure, let’s INSTALL now too.  It’s not like I’m getting anything productive done anyhow.

Timer pops up.  Initially it said 30 minutes.  At this point I just sighed and poured myself a margarita.  No lie, I had been away from the computer for 90 seconds.  When I came back?  It said 50 MINUTES!  How does that happen exactly?  How does an update start at an hour and a half initially and end up being HOURS worth of time?  And tell me too…  how is it that it can change it’s mind so quickly? “MUahahaha…I TRICKED you, you incompetent, computer illiterate fool!”  Who DOES that?  That’s not nice.

Then to top it off, there was a long pause before I could actually get to my main screen.  I’m sure it was thinking long and hard about something.  Like, maybe where it should put the ‘maps’ app on my menu bar at the bottom.  What’s with that?  I’m pretty darn sure that if I actually need directions when I am out and about, I more than likely will not have my large laptop with me, but rather my smaller much more portable and concealable phone….

Long story short.  It is now 11pm (on Monday night, yes I schedule posts ahead of time).  Remember how I said to remember that I started this way back in the afternoon?  Yeah.  So, if any of you have to update to OS X, just know that your computer will be out of commission.  Like… for days.  Ok, I’m exaggerating.  But that’s what it felt like.

Although, really?  I’m probably like the absolute last person to update out here.  I’m sure there will be a new update next week.  But I probably won’t know about that one until next February.

❤ Erin


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