Sign Language Week 3

Woohoo!  We’re more than half the way through the sign language series!  Have you been following along?  I sure hope so!

This week we are doing ‘play’ things and ‘foods’.



As I said last week, I think A is picking up on SOME of the signs.  At this point though I think this is still more for me to get used to using the signs consistently and to learn the signs myself.

Babies go through phases of learning too.  So it’s hard to remember to keep that in mind.  This past week we got her a walker, and she has been happily scooting around the house.  Which, also means that she is MUCH  more interested in learning where all she can go than in the signs I had been working on with her last week.  But, once again, it gave me time to learn the signs and be able to use them in the future!

Banana: is one of A’s favorite foods, so, ya know we needed to learn that one pretty quick!

Apple: another favorite!  And I mix a lot of stuff in with her apples, i.e. spinach, cereal, squash, etc.

Book: we LOVE Dr. Suess books in our house and I recently ran into a gold mine of them at our local Salvation Army.  So we are busy reading ‘books’ a lot over here!

Toy: self explanatory, right?

Play: we use a lot with toy!  But… I wonder how that will play out in the future.  If she understands that one is a noun and one is a verb?

Happy signing!  More to come next week!

❤ Erin


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