Quick Tip

Stumbled across this little tip over here.  This is seriously one of my top visited, most favorite blogs!

Long story short, she forgot dishwasher soap while at the store, didn’t have time to go back, did some research and found that you can use plain dish soap and baking soda to get the job done.

TWO DROPS of dish soap in your normal detergent slot, some baking soda on the door before you shut the front door (sorry, I had to…).  Run a normal cycle and your done!

Works great.  I wouldn’t have posted about it if I didn’t think so!  Matter of fact, I hunk it does better than my beloved Mrs. Meyers Dishwasher Packs!  And since I’m just about fresh out of them, I think I’ll convert!  Not to mention the fact that I have TONS of free dish soap around here from playing my Rite Aid and CVS games.  And check out this post about CLEANING your dishwasher.



❤ Erin


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