Sign Language Week 2

Hey all!  Welcome back!

This week I also wanted to share with you some of my findings from last week.  Keep in mind A is only 9 months old.  She still is learning the whole hand-eye coordination thing.  She hasn’t physically SIGNED anything to me yet.  But I feel like I have been using the signs a lot and know them pretty well.  As I told you last week, we were using ‘cup’ for bottle too.  It seems like she is starting to KNOW that sign.  If I sign to her before giving her the bottle, she gets super excited.  So, I think mane it’s working?

Also, I found a website that has these great graphics.  If you’re a bit OCD like myself, you understand why it’s important that everything looks ‘uniform’. is the site I used this week.  And likely will continue to use!

Without further ado, here are this weeks words:


You can see our words for the week, but remember to keep in mind that your words that you want to learn might be different then us.  Maybe you live in Hawaii and never get snow (and I secretly hate you if you do…).  If that’s true, then you have no use for learning ‘snow’.  Tailor your words to your lifestyle and circumstances!

Happy learning!

❤ Erin


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