This was the first year we had our house.  We had a TON of snow that winter.  Much like this year.  This is just an example of how they plow out here (if they plow).  We get one good lane.  Tough poop if someone’s coming the other way.

Just below that car there was a family sledding on our road, in front of our house.  Because no one was on the roads, because we couldn’t go anywhere anyhow!!!


❤ Erin


Foot Soak

Ya’ll know I am obsessed with Pinterest right?

Have any of you heard of this Listerine and Vinegar foot soak?  The recipe is this: 1 cup Listerine (says your supposed to use the blue kind), 1 cup vinegar, and 6 cups warm water.

Let’s just say I tried this a few weeks ago and failed miserably.  I know, you wouldn’t think something so simple would be so hard.  It’s not HARD, the problem is that it turns your feet BLUE!

But, the winter screws with my skin in general.  As silly as this sounds, I get MORE calluses in the winter.  I think because I am wearing shoes.  Which again, likely doesn’t make sense, unless you understand that 6+ months of the year I walk around barefoot.  Wearing shoes causes me to have calluses as much as NOT wearing them does.

So I tried again.  This time though I used the Listerine ULTRAClean variety.  It’s blue, but it is a much lighter blue.  And?  No blue feet!


The claim is that it literally MELTS dry skin off of your feet.  Like, you soak them for 2 seconds and you’re cured.  Although that didn’t happen, it was nice to sit with my feet in a nice warm bath!  I did use a pumice stone, and I did use my favorite foot lotion of all time right afterward.


But don’t assume the world of this.  It’s just not THAT great.  Although I can imagine that the vinegar would help get rid of any foot-funk, and the listerine DOES feel cool and tingly on your feet, despite the warm water.  So it does get the senses going.

Go at your own risk for sure, but I HIGHLY suggest against using the hardcore original blue Listerine!

Go make some happy feet!

❤ Erin

Thrift Shop

I’m gonna pop some tags

Only got twenty dollars in my pocket…

I’ll spare you the rest of the words, as they’re not very appropriate!

But, you get my drift, right?  Who doesn’t love a good bargain?  Wait that’s Ollie’s.  Anywho.  I had some things to donate a few weeks ago and made my first trip actually INTO the store.  Not only did I get some good finds, I also got 50% OFF!  At our local Salvation Army, Wednesday are 50% off the entire store.  Which is just super!

I’m not big on rummaging through the clothing racks, because A) I think it takes way too long, since there is no order whatsoever and B) It just GROSSES me out.  And I think it’s ok for me to say that and admit that, because I save a lot of money elsewhere.

So here were my finds from the day:


 Wine glasses, aren’t they so pretty???  And they were 2.99 each, which means it was 2.99 TOTAL for two of them.


T-shirt, totally a ‘Life is Good’ knock-off.  But it’s cute, I’ll wear it.  Was originally 3.99, but nope….I got it for 1.99!


Books!  Books!  And more books! 5 books total for A, 4 of which are Dr. Suess’s books.  Baby Signs for me, to learn even MORE!  Chicken Soup, because I love the stories, and a What to Expect book.  Each of A’s books was $0.99.  No kidding.

What, you don’t believe me?  Check it out for yourself…


Happy Shopping!

❤ Erin

SIgn Language Week 4

Final week here of baby sign language!  I’ll continue to update on our progress with signing and might throw in a post or two about what we are doing next.  But I think so far we have built up a pretty comprehensive ‘vocabulary’ of signs!

This week is another mishmash of different signs for different uses.  We’ve been working on SAYING ‘mama’ and ‘dada’ lately, so those are two of our signs for the week.



Mom: duh

Dad: double duh….

Milk: I though it was appropriate to start signing ‘milk’ for A when she gets milk in her ‘cup’.  She gets juice after dinner typically, so in the coming weeks we will be learning ‘juice’ as well and helping her to differentiate between the two.

Go: we ‘go’ a lot around here.  We’re constantly doing something, doing somewhere and visiting with friends or going to the store, etc.  So ‘go’ is a pretty appropriate term for us.  And so is….

Car: A has some cars that she plays with (they’re super cute, little girly, bug looking cars!) and, obviously, we go in the car when we ‘go’.

Well, ya’ll.  It’s been fun!  As I said I will continue to update you on our progress.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.  This is the website again where I have been getting our signs from.  One of the books we use is here.  And another book I recently got at our local thrift shop (for $0.50!!!) that I have found helpful so far:



❤ Erin


I’ve missed updating these for the past few weeks!

dianes baby shower 104


Old school.  Not really.  Nursing School.  This would’ve been in fall/winter 2007.  Wow.  I really con’t believe it has been that long since I was in nursing school.  Mrs. Landis is our instructor.  She’s in the middle on the top row.  She was seriously the best teacher I have ever had.  She encouraged me to do better, but she knew my breaking points and wouldn’t push me any further.  She knew the perfect balance and knew the best way to teach me.  I would go back to nursing school just for her.  She was THAT good.

❤ Erin