A pleasure, I’m sure.

I had the super amazing, knock your socks off, doctor’s office visit this week.

No seriously, I’m kidding.

I HATE going to the gynecologist.  Or as C calls it the GINER-cologist.

Like, I totally understand the importance of having those certain health checks.  I’m a nurse for Heaven’s sake.  I ENFORCE taking care of yourself and having regular checks.

But I hate it.

And I have to tell you upfront that I LOVE the nurse practitioner that I see.  She is GREAT!  Seriously.  She couldn’t deliver A because she was picking up her kid from college that day.  But she made an effort to come in and see me the next day.  Because she’s amazing.

But, no matter how much I love this woman, I still don’t exactly LOVE her putting that medal thing up my hoo-haa.  No matter HOW enthusiastic I am about people getting regular screenings.

At least I don’t have to do that again for another year…

❤ Erin


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