Foto Friday


I need to stop doing sad pictures.  Although, really sometimes the sad ones bring back a lot of GOOD memories too.

This was taken not even 2 weeks before we put my childhood cat to sleep.  That’s Punkin, Punky, Punks, Punkers (she had a lot of names…).  She was my first pet (unless of course, you count all those carnival goldfish that die two days after you get them).

Punks was a stray that came to us when I was pretty young.  I was probably in grade school, but still.  I was young.  That cat put up with so much from me.  I used to dress her up in doll clothes, make her dance, give her baths.  Oh man how I tortured her.  And she loved me.  She slept with me every night.  Would follow me around like a puppy any other time of the day.

I had just turned 21, this was taken on my birthday that year.  She was so old by then, that we literally let her sit at the table with us.  2 weeks later she had a stroke and couldn’t even hold her head up, so we had to put her to sleep.  It still hurts to think about it.  She was the best cat ever.  My little furry best friend.

Miss you Punk Butt.

❤ Erin


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