Had a tooth pulled

Yup, you heard it hear first.

Long story short: I initially had FIVE wisdom teeth (I know, go me, I was a super overachiever in the teeth building years)

When I was 18 (or 19?) I had two removed.  Why they didn’t take all five right then and there, I’ll never know.   But either way, one of the ‘leftovers’ had this massive cavity in it that my super awesome dentist couldn’t get too.  Because it was so far back in my mouth.  Because they’re wisdom teeth.  That people are not supposed to have.

So.  Off to the oral surgeon I went.

My first visit they told me that they would use a local anesthetic and if I wanted it, I could get the laughing gas.  Which I was psyched for and so chill and prepared when I went in there.

When I got back to the room, the nurse told me that insurance doesn’t pay for it.  And it was over $100.  Which is not an option for this broke-ass stay-at-home-mom.

So, I went at it au natural, so to say.  Well, I mean I had the numby stuff, but that was it.

I don’t think I’ll ever do that again.  #justsayin

I’m a pretty tough girl.  Not like have-a-baby-without-an-epidural tough, but pretty tough.  But the SOUNDS were the worst part!

Some unsolicited advice: If you have a tooth pulled, seriously, just spend the money and get the laughing gas!

❤ Erin



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