Clean your dishwasher?

I recently saw a pin about cleaning your dishwasher.  In the article she mentioned that she thought it was sort of counter-intuitive to clean something that is built to clean.  Which I tend to agree with.  Until I took a look at our filter and looked at the black gunk on the seals of our dishwasher.

I’ll admit, I don’t think I have EVER cleaned our dishwasher.  We’ve had this model now for well over 2 years.  And as I said above, I guess the thought never occurred to me to clean it!

After some research, I found what would work best for me was to do the “Vinegar Method”.

Basically, you use a sponge to wipe around the grimy seal area with vinegar.  Which I admit, wipes off pretty easily (as long as you are a frequent dishwasher user, it should still be wet and easy to get off).  After that, remove the bottom rack and get to your filter.  Ours was super simple to take out, as it had directions written right on it.  But if yours doesn’t you can either look at your owner’s manual, or google your particular model.

I used an OLD baby bottle scrub brush to really scrub the ‘innards’ of my filter.  I couldn’t believe the build-up of gunk that was on it!  I soaked it in hot water and some dish soap and then scrubbed again.

Put your filter back in the dishwasher.  Then put 1 cup of vinegar in a measuring cup (or other glass bowl, cup, etc) and place it right in the middle of the top rack of the dishwasher.  Run a normal cycle with hot water and you’re done!

I truthfully don’t know how much the vinegar did at the end, except that it made my house smell like vinegar for a couple of hours.  But I do think cleaning the seals and the filter were a definite benefit to how our dishwasher works now.  We had been getting a lot of ‘chalky’ build up on our glasses in the past several weeks, and I had been blaming it on our well water.  Since I’ve cleaned the filter, I haven’t had problems!

It didn’t say on the website how frequently you should do this, but I think I will add it to my quarterly cleaning list and do it once every 3 months.

Here’s to hoping your dishwasher is as sparkling clean as mine is!

❤ Erin


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