Coolest Thing You got for Christmas?

Christmas always gets me giddy.  I still truly believe in the ‘reason for the season’.  But I can’t help but get giddy about gifts. I think I get more giddy about everyone else’s gifts.  Did you get anything cool this year?!?!

C got me FOUR new charms for my Pandora (he got the bracelet for me back in May for my birthday).

He’s so super sweet.  Seriously.  I have the best husband, hands down.

A was born EXACTLY 4 weeks before my birthday.  And C sort of forgot Mother’s Day this year.  Although, in all fairness, I was in the hospital with A (I’ll tell that story later).  And C was busy trying to get our house somewhat back in ‘normal’ order.

What is normal, after you have a baby?  Because, I’m pretty sure we still haven’t found it.

So, for my birthday he went to our local jeweler and the lady helped him pick out a necklace.  It was gold (def not my favorite) and emerald (yes, it is my birthstone, but I never really liked it).  And to be honest, I have a necklace he got for me for the first birthday I celebrated with him when we were dating.  And I love it.  I have worn it everyday since I got it.

I was stunned that he actually went and got a piece of jewelry on his own!

But, was sort of bummed, because I figured I probably wouldn’t wear it all that much.

He knows me so well though.  The lady in the store suggested he get that particular item, because all of our birthdays are in May.  And he got it, but I think he knew in the back of his mind that I wouldn’t like it so much, although the lady must have been kind of persistent about it.

So, he told me his story immediately after I opened it, “We can return it if you want.  They had these cool bracelets there too, that you could get little charms for.”

“Like a Pandora bracelet?”

“Yeah!  That’s what they were called.”

Hence the reason I ended up with a Pandora.

He was pretty tickled with himself too.  He thought this was great because he would have the next SEVERAL years covered for birthdays and holidays.

Then he went and got 4 charms at once.  Successfully filling an entire third of the bracelet.

Guess who’s getting a new bracelet by next Christmas?  🙂

❤ Erin


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